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The 3 year was definitely the worst. he nursed like a newborn and worse! It's not the same tiring-causing thing as a newborn though. Probably because there's not the whole having to do everything for them bit (they can walk, eat, etc).
black beans, olives, green onion (some call scallions), young garlic (looks like green onions).
I'd test. My sister is presently dealing with that now (maybe all of us, not sure yet). They discovered her son has long q-t syndrome a few years ago and while she'd had symptoms periodically they were never able to catch it for proof. Well last week they did and now she needs to get all of them (she and her kids) tested (genetic). Should they find they have the familial version I'd imagine the rest of us siblings need to get tested (with our kids too). My dad's...
Not all of that, but enough that I know what you're talkin about. and I get up to pee a few times a night. We have some LED night lights now. You want to know the weird thing? I had NONE of it when we were living in a tipi in the boonies. Not a shred of it. No door. Just a flap of fabric between us and the big bad world.
We only use 10% of our brain power right? does it really matter if it even WERE true? I seriously doubt the conclusions, especially given much larger and longer studies such as the Adventist Health Study 1 &2.
we like granola. I put 3-4 cups of oats and seeds (such as flax and unhulled sesame) in it and use freshly made nutmilk over top. lots of protein! (you can add wheat germ on top for a boost)
I NIPd plenty at 3 still. even through the 4s. now he's only interested in it at bed/morning so there's no need to NIP. I've never had any bad NIP experiences.
If you have, can you tell me about your treatment? how was testing done? who did you see for it? what were your symptoms? how has treatment worked?
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