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Quote: My boys have about 200 matchbox cars floating around this house, but they still always fight over the same 5 cars. oh isn't that the truth. even having x of the same cars doesn't work. mostly I just try to remind them that if they play with something else the one who took that toy will then become interested in the new toy and they'll get it back.
baked beans are like Heinz beans or Bush's beans. they're white beans (navy or great white) with a tomato/brown sugar/onion (sometimes ham) base.
Pinky, that is so helpful! you can't know how helpful! I'm 3 months out with a very similar story (terrible miscarriage with hemorrhage 4/08, ectopic with lap surgery 7/08 and BFP 9/08!) and feeling SO discouraged about still feeling like such crap and my house is still soo suffering. I hope that by 10 months out I feel human again!
Quote: I will certainly not miss the flames that this post will inspire. no flames from me! jealousy though. I've not been able to get LAM either time (not even now with tandem). I'd rather people cycle than wean though.
Quote: Even the cat is a boy. ours too. I do have a brother (and 2 sisters) but we've never had a relationship either. he's 13 years older than me and had moved out by the time I came along.
I'm cranky that they don't have hockey clothes down here. or at least not unless you live in a town with a pro team. seriously though, it doesn't bug me. I don't buy it and I don't buy plenty of other lines either. to each their own!
count me in! 4 boys and it's all I'll ever have.
onions that you see dried or powdered are a specific breed that is much less moist than normal. I'd probably blanch and freeze them. you could can them for use in stews (or just can the stews).
I'd check the quality first. in my stores here (in the heart of potato country) they're hustling out the tail end of last year's potatoes and they're NASTY! no way I'd buy much less can them.
it really depends on the person and conversation. sometimes I say we unschool and explain, sometimes I just leave it at homeschooling and sometimes when pressed by an unfriendly I explain it as "eclectic and personalized to their needs".
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