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Quote: Originally Posted by FondestBianca you're referring to idaho I assume? No, but Idaho is off your list too. Real Estate is outrageous!
Quote: Originally Posted by zexplorers I think it's a sharp look and someone could clean up the lines to make it look great on you!! I would not go back to the same stylist ( and I use the term loosely ). : exactly. my current style is a bit like that but with softer edges like the pp said. I'm sorry!
raising plant fats will raise cholesterol. research into cholesterologenesis and you'll find all kinds of interesting info. My dad found out that the olive oil he was using (as part of the mediterranean diet) was what was keeping his cholesterol high. It has a high level of oleic acid which causes cholesterologenesis in the liver. consuming animal products does temporarily raise your cholesterol, but if you remove those it will go down to its baseline for you. FWIW, my...
I would just work on the HDL and not worry about the total number. FWIW my HDL is just fine, my LDL is very low (which is great given both my parents have hypercholesterolemia). We do all of those methods a LOT (I have 4 growing boys, 2 still nursing) and it has never raised my cholesterol. We go through 1 gallon containers of coconut oil and use several avocadoes weekly as well as 6-8lb/month of nuts and probably 5lb/month of seeds (flax/sesame). oh yea, and about 10lb...
can't be done. they put it on during the phase where they mold the plastic. sorry! we've repurposed a lot of lego boxes. (our legos are now in 40 gallon rubbermaids ) they house cat food and such and it doesn't matter to me about the sticker anymore (used to bug me).
you definitely need to know what nutrients are in what and balance your meals. I had a friend who tried to be veggie like that and was only eating salads and such. Not healthy! you need to incorporate a lot of legumes, nuts, WHOLE grains (as close to their original state as possible) and if you eat it dairy and eggs. example: we eat granola but it it has 4 cups of nuts and seeds in it and we use nutmilk on it. that balances the grains and fruit we have with it. eta: on...
Quote: Originally Posted by Justthatgirl Survived but barely, right? I just don't think I can handle another pregnancy. I tell ppl, "It's like you're allergic to pregnancy." They laugh, but they have no idea... boy is that ever the truth! maybe this has already been answered but would those recovering from HG be welcome too? I'm finding this last recovery so very hard. So far my HG is totally unexplained. No gallbladder problems, no...
will do when we're down next. which Other Mothers is it? is that on Milwaukie? We went to the Deseret Industries on Fairview yesterday and it was great! I ended up with 11 shirts (all 3 kids and myself), 1 skirt, 2 pair jeans (kids) and a bunting for the baby for $50 and it was all in TOP shape. I love how they're layed out too with it all divided by size as well as color and easy to find.
we try to do that. it helps to include many moist foods in the meal (such as raw fruits and veggies). It really does speed digestion IME. I try to wait at least 1 hour after (20 minutes before).
I've heard of claims of "too low" but no proof of disease due to it (just like proof of "too high" is harder to come by than it seems on the surface). Mine has ever only gotten up to 176 (lifelong vegetarian, sometimes vegan) and last spring after 1.5+ years of vegan with no excitotoxins or transfats it was 111. We use plenty (and I mean plenty) of nuts, oils, etc so there's no lack of fat, saturated fat, etc. no adrenal fatigue--how is that even related?
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