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queen. it got a bit difficult toward the end of my pregnancy (VERY large belly) with the 5 year old and DH too, so that's when we transitioned him out. it was no problem before the big pregnancy belly though.
1. no problem at all. I've nursed on demand the whole time with both nurslings (older of whom is 5 3/4 years old) and the older one nightweaned on his own around 3 1/2. 2. yes and yes. when he's ready. 3. not important at all. nobody in my family sleeps through the night! nobody. not DH or I even. eventually everyone falls asleep on their own (well, aside from the large population who needs things like rozerem and lunesta). never have done the whole "put them down while...
it's my understanding that people with shingles are LESS contagious than those with full-blown pox. I'd do it! great time frame to get it (won't remember much).
thanks! great ideas!
Thanks! I saw ads for both of those but don't think we can make it. We'll be down on sep 19th but it's for DH's vasectomy and he won't be in any mood to shop! Do you know anything about the Deseret Industries on Fairview? Our neighbor said they get kids clothes there, but her kids are still smaller.
Teff, it's very high in protein, calcium and iron while being free of all those things you need. It makes a great flatbread, thickens well and in whole-grain form is a great breakfast cereal, etc. http://www.teffco.com/ it's affordable and includes free shipping. for margarine we use a mix of coconut/palm and walnut or olive oil with salt in it. you also might try using salted avocado if you're lacking on calories.
Are there any which carry 6/7 and 8/10 type clothes? My bigger boys are needing whole new winter wardrobes and I can't afford it all new. hoping there's some good resales!
tacos (masa, roll with a roller if you need though a press is around $5 at most carnicarias) spaghetti with oat-burger balls or crumbles. beans with flatbread (season for extra fun) oatmeal enriched with raisins and walnuts fruit toast (canned, frozen, fresh, applesauce, whatever is cheapest)
hey! sweet tribe! here's my ketchup, guacamole and 2 of my salsa recipes: homemade ketchup: 1 28-oz can whole or crushed tomatoes (eden foods makes a plain variety), drained 1 TB sugar or other sweetener 1/2 TB lemon juice 1 tsp celtic sea salt 1/2 tsp onion powder combine in blender and puree until very smooth. refrigerate to keep (will need to stir to combine after refrigeration). If it is too runny, drain in kitchen sieve to remove some...
spoon of PB (or sunbutter or whatever) with an almond on top and a squirt of sweetener (agave, sorghum, etc). PB mixed with carob and sorghum, rolled in balls and frozen. avocado on crackers seasoned with salt and whatever spices you like (we do cumin, onion, garlic). or just plain nuts. or frozen peas. the kids love those.
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