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here's how we did it and will do it again. regular bed--nothing fancy. pillows for each of us facing vertical || rather than horizontal=. one comforter on the bed, baby up a little toward our pillow/head area so it isn't at risk of the comforter. DH>baby
I'm glad you have answers now! and that you're at peace. you're doing a great job Mama! can't wait to see pics.
that's great!
Definitely depends. Bulk whole wheat pasta noodles, scratch cooked sauce = cheaper than organic whole wheat pre-boxed pasta. =/= not cheaper than Kraft toxins & macaroni. We buy large 50lb sacks of whole grain which work out to 12.5 5lb bags of flour. We pay about 1.84 per 5lb sack. So yes, for us it is way cheaper to buy bulk and cook scratch. Our bread costs only a few cents per loaf versus up to $5 at the grocery for similar (organic, whole grain). if I ever get it...
we use cast iron, stainless steel and glass/pyrex. Mostly we've gotten them at Walmart, but we keep an eye out any time we go to resale. My large stainless stock pot we got at a hardware/sportsman type store (Tri-State). as far as I know, only glass isn't indicated for smooth-top use.
You could be pregnant at 10dpo, yes. However, you could have also been pregnant when you did the OPK (there is cross-over reaction with HCG). I'd probably get a couple HCG levels drawn 2 days apart. What level they are and how they double can give you a ballpark of where you are early on (before 5 weeks PG or so). when I plug your numbers into a calculator (april 5 for LMP--hence April 19 for ovulation) It gives an EDD of January 10, 2009.
not from your DDC, just wanted to throw in a YIKES! time for a new doctor indeed! : Personally I've always preferred nurse practitioners or family practice docs over peds. as for the paci: http://www.drgreene.com/21_608.html yes, it is indicted in causing ear infections. breastfeeding, the rhythm of parental breathing and the increased CO2 do help babies stay in a safe sleeping pattern though.. in regards to cosleeping.
I wouldn't expect anything but faint/light lines at this point. Sounds good to me! (But do post! I'm a hopeless POASaddict)
I do test strips because I have hyperemesis and need to make sure I'm taking as good care of myself as possible. I usually use boolean google searches if something comes up that I'm not already familiar with (such as what does urobilinogen mean in pregnancy). I *have* noticed some dietary things. I was vegan before this pregnancy and now any time I drink milk (not yogurt or cheese for some reason, just MILK) I seem to spill glucose in my urine for a bit afterward. After...
I would NOT use cayenne for postpartum hemorrhage. It does cause clotting, but does NOT cause uterine contractions and that can potentially leave you hemorrhaging silently. If it is in a combination of herbs (such as HemHalt) that also contains some which cause strong contractions it could be ok. Personally, I try to avoid it for uterine needs. It's great for other bleeding though, such as cuts. My sister has even used it for stopping bleeding on a horse that cut its...
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