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I'm so far behind but I wanted to send  to icy and Sere!!!! Hoping this is it for you!!!!
Code: Quick drive by post. FF has me at 3 DPO....Oing on CD 10, which is really weird. I've been cleansing and taking chaste tree to regulate my cycle, which my MW says can change your cycle. I wasn't expecting a cd 10 O, and I still don't quite believe it, but I think we should be fine regardless (we are still waiting to be ready). We did DTD on cd 6, but not since then, so I'm still hoping even if I did O so early, that we didn't catch it. Anyone have experience...
Wow, what a great month for our mamas!!! Congratulations to all the BFPs!!!
Whoa!!! Does that test tell you about how far along you are based on amount of HCG in pee?? I've never seen that but if so....very cool!!
Thank all of you for the support and understanding  It is definitely an emotional time for me....guess I just need to have another little nursling  The next 6 months can't pass fast enough!!!   Carmen--  Awesome!!! I am so happy for you!!!   Wow, January is a very good month for our group!!!!  Who is next up to POAS? I wonder if we will have any more this month!!!
I would do the same.  My 3 YO has been asking to nurse lately and he was never BF, which I find interesting.  I didn't let him, but I would consider letting my little as well  
for all these BFPs! So happy for you ladies!  And Ava's Mama, so happy about your HCG results!!!   Just a quick check in in between tears for me.  I think my baby is weaning and I am so sad.  He hasn't nursed in the past two days.  For awhile before this, it was just very quick check ins a couple times a day where he spent most of his time blowing raspberries on my boobs.  I am so, so emotional and sad about it.     I hope I can stay with y'all even though it...
Ummmm YES!!!!!! What's this about very, very, very faint?!? That's clear as day!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS! :joy:joy
Kelan,  So excited for you!!! Are you for sure going to test tomorrow? Are you using internet cheapies? Any symptoms? :)  
Ava's Mama & Amy   Congratulations to you both!!! Anxious to keep up with you both in these first few weeks.   Sere:    Chloe's Mama:  I'm so sorry, mama.     AFM: I got to attend two births in 12 hours last night and guess what?!? I thought I was having some really crazy cervical fluid because of all the oxytocin flying all over the place and having weird hormonal changes, but nope....AF for me! So now I get to really test my resolution to be a good temper...
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