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  When you defend yourself, you are engaging her. So the idea would be to turn your back and let her hit you. Then when she is done you would correct the behavior or engage her.  
I want to mention ... Happiest Toddler on the Block.  Saying over and over again, you're mad/angry/sad because xyz or mommy made you angry/mad/sad when she did xyz  all in the same tone that your toddler is using. Then go on to correct the behavior after they are calming down.     I also like the mention above about treating the behavior like you would a dog and turn your back and not engage.  I have used both of these methods depending the situation, and found that...
I use a steam mop ... no chemicals and the pads are washable!
I use Norwex micro fiber towels ... 
In case anyone is still reading ...    I don't dress my daughter in pink b/c I don't like it and I don't think she looks good in it since she has light skin and dark hair and eyes.  Her closet is mostly blue, purple, green, and yellow.  I do search out non girly clothing for her.  Not that she doesn't have plenty of dresses!    For my boys, my biggest issue is that even the baby clothes look like miniature adult clothing. I wanted them to look like babies! Not...
I love babywearing because it's convenient!  
I could totally do it again! Hopefully next time it will be on my terms though.  I could do it again right away if babies didn't take so long to cook .... I think 6 mos. would be more ideal! ;) Also, if the new baby wouldn't take away so much from the other children.   So, alas, I will wait until my boys are in school at least!  I just love finding out you're preggo, seeing the first u/s, finding out the sex, the empowerment of birth, and meeting a new human being!
P.S.  Was I the last July member to give birth?   Aug. 16th
Thank you! I just posted the birth story!
Birth Story of Clara Jane Lee Assam – VBAC pitocin induction Born: August 16th, 2011 at 12:13pm, Bromenn Hospital 8lbs 8oz and 19” long   On Monday morning I went to the doctor’s for another NST, everything was fine with baby girl, but I was 42 weeks + 3 days according to the doc (41 weeks + 5 days according to me).  The doc came in and told us that the high risk OB was back in town and that I had an appt. at 3pm to have laminaria tents (seaweed sticks) inserted...
New Posts  All Forums: