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I use a small hand made messenger bag that's usually pretty empty. Normal contents: 1-2 diapers small wet bag chap stick cell phone check book debit card/ID some change a small teething toy extra baby socks (he pulls them off the first chance he gets) baby hat wash rag And I always have a blanket or two and a spare onesie in my car. I don't carry wipes because DS never poops away from home.
Totally normal. DS had his first "peanut butter poo" around that age, as well.
Quote: Originally Posted by vegemamato How're you feeling today? Still nervous! I haven't told DH, and I don't plan to unless I have to. It'll only stress him out. Just counting the days until I can test.
Oh boy.. I don't know how "dry" it may have been on Saturday night because I haven't been paying a heck of a lot of attention to things like that. I think it's also worth noting (and terrifying) that DS was conceived the day we started TTC.
Has this happened to anyone here? How old was your baby? DS is 9.5 months and EBF, so AF has not returned yet. DH and I had unprotected sex on Saturday night. I was craving sex for the first time since I was just a few months pregnant, which usually happens when I'm going to ovulate. Last night when I used the bathroom, I had a crazy amount of EWCM. TMI... It wasn't the consistency of semen at all. It was a string/glob of snotty egg white mucus hanging from my...
DS has never taken a bottle, and for some reason my milk doesn't keep well at all (seriously, one day in the freezer and it gets stinky). I didn't start leaving him for more than 15 minutes at a time until 8 months, but he's done really well every time my mom has watched him. He absolutely refuses to eat from a spoon from me, and he only picks at table foods, but my mom can get him to eat an entire jar of baby food, and he's fine with that. He also sips (and LOVES)...
Babywearing. I wasn't anti-stroller, but we live in a very small house and I just ddin't want to take up so much space with something I'd "never need." I thought that surely, DS would be walking by the time he was too heavy to be worn. I didn't think about the fact that a new walker probably (okay, definitely) wouldn't walk where or at a pace I wanted him to, or that he would be 25lb at 9 months. I finally broke down and got a stroller on Saturday, but I'm pretty proud to...
DS got way more stuff than any 9 month old could ever possibly need (FOUR push/ride toys? Really?), but we're not bothered by it. We now have a nice, big pile of toys and wrong-size clothes to donate. I warned everyone who asked what we wanted that (with the exception of clothes and books) we would only be keeping the toys that fit into his toy box. If anyone finds out that we donated anything and gets grumpy about it, it's out of my hands.
Quote: Originally Posted by DaughterOfKali I love giving gifts. It brings me joy. Yup. That said, since DS will only be 9 months this year, he isn't getting much from us at all. I picked up a few shirts on sale that ended up being too big at the moment, so I wrapped them up, but that's about it.
Yup, here too! He started coughing to get my attention at about 5 months, then at about 7 months he started the loud, wheezy inhale thing. It scared the crap out of me at first, until he started pairing it with his happy-baby-arm-flapping; now it's hilarious!
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