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I believe that starting this year, OHP is only covering CNMs, and may not be covering homebirth at all.  If it isn't already in effect, it will be very shortly.  While CPMs have been covered under the OHP/CareOregon open cards in the past, that is no longer the case.   I would assume that the rules regarding open cards remain the same, meaning if you are covered under OHP/CareOR before your last trimester, then you would have a managed card, rather than an open card,...
I can't really get online very often (using my neighbor's computer), but I wanted to say that you and your sweet little August babies are all in my thoughts today.  Please pass this along to the FB group too.  I've just been watching the news in horror for the last hour.  Aside from a few hours of Disney Jr, we don't watch TV really, so I had no idea until my neighbor called crying.  She also has two kids, one who is going into Kindergarten this fall.   So very sad. ...
Oh my GAWD!!!  All these sweet babies.  Oh, I just wish I could fly us all to an island to sip mojitos while our beautiful babies play together in the sand.  Sigh.   Here's my (not so)sweet girl:          
I get 10 minutes with the computer, and I wanted to pop in and say happy birthday to all of my favorite babies.   And love to all of you ladies.  You were such support for me during an awful, awful pregnancy.  I think of you all almost every day.  I am still toying with the idea of getting a fake FB just so I can join the MDC chat group, as that's easy to do from my phone.   I loved the regional meetup.  It is amazing to me how vibrant you all were in real life....
Patricia Couch attended me with births of both of my children, and I believe she's moving her practice up to Andaluz in November. I can't say enough good things about her, including her calm and swift action after a post-partum hemorrhage during my son's birth. As an aside, she is also GREAT at drawing blood, a gripe I've had with practitioners of many kinds all my life!
I see the folks at Mint Dental on Morrison, and they're really wonderful!! I have some pretty extreme dental anxiety, and they're great about being patient with me. They also use composite fillings instead of amalgam, and use a whole host of other green practices. The last time I was there, I needed a filling, and they provided me with an iPod and some laughing gas to help me though. It was a really positive experience, an I'd highly recommend them!
Becky, we are leaving Friday for the weekend, but are free all this week. Do you still have my phone #? Please text me if you come! I would LOVE to give you and Charlie some much deserved kisses!
EB!!!! How lovely lovely to see your sweet Ali V! I can't really Internet these days, and posting from the phone is a PITA, but SO glad you are doing well. What a sweet, glowing sage she is. Just lovely!!
Cat, that is so exciting!!!! Hawthorne is a really cute part of Portland. Biking distance from me, and walking distance from Ree Tee! Squeeeeeeal!
Will be in Central Oregon July 13-15. There is also talk of a family camp out at some point. My schedule is usually pretty fly-by-the-seat-esque, so just someone text me or email me!! Also, Becky, is your Roseburg friend a massage acquaintance? I know a very sweet massage therapist there who makes me think of you.
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