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This is so rough!  I explain to DD that once DS falls asleep we can go do something fun together just the two of us and it just doesn't sink in. I honestly think she is unable to wait for 10 minutes.  I do understand it must seem like an eternity to her, but it is really frustrating to me.  I get all cranky and the baby is cranky and sleep-deprived, too.  On weekends and when DH works from home I can have him take her for 10 or 15 minutes so I can put the baby down for a...
Not too much to add here, just wanted to let you know we are going through the same thing here.  I'd say a difference is that we have been dealing with these issues for a couple years, although things have gotten worse since DS was born.  My daughter's teachers love her at school (3 mornings a week) but I'm having a very, very hard time at home.  Actually, DD is fine at home as long as she is getting 100% of my attention and she is getting to pick the activities, which...
Thank you for the great suggestions 
MIL wants to buy DD (age 3) some board games.  What are some good games I could suggest so I don't end up with Candyland?  :) 
So I've been thinking of buying a Nekkie Blankie for a friend of mine who is expecting this summer, and also want to maybe buy one for myself.  I emailed them with some questions about color, etc. and never heard back.  Since they are a small company I am just want to make sure they are still in business and operating before I pay any money?  Has anyone ordered from them recently?
A very generous relative has offered to buy DD (almost 3) and DS (3 months) our choice of toy kitchen.  Anyone have any good recommendations?
Wow! Go Ozzy! It won't be long before he catches up with Em, will it? DS was 13lb 3oz and 24". Up from 7lb 2oz at birth. I expected a little tussle or at least a discussion about vaccines, but the nurse just said in a really offhand matter-of-fact way "you didn't want to do any vaccines today, right?". She must have known from DD's chart that I delay. So that was cool. And the ped. said he has the head control of a 4-month old *brag*.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kelly1101 As far as night-time, I NEED my husband to take charge of the toddler so I can care for the baby. Is there any way that your husband can work on being able to comfort your toddler at night? Yes, we had to do this. DD stays with DH until 6am. She sometimes throws fits about it but we had to do it for the sake of everyone's sleep. We all sleep better now. In fact in the last two months DD has even slept...
Quote: Originally Posted by Lit Chick Update - once all your covers have been soiled, this trick will no longer work. But what does is finally heaving a big sigh and resigning yourself to the fact that there will be no poop today, so you stop waiting for it and throw your diapers in the wash. As soon as you've started the soap cycle - POOP. yes! this!
Such adorable pictures!! I didn't really dress up DS... he wore a white t-shirt with a ghost face that someone handed down to us (I think I saw them in the dollar bins at Target), an orange diaper cover, and brown babylegs with yellow and orange dots. Kind of just whatever I had on hand that looked halloweeny or fall-ish.
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