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DD (34 months) didn't really get worse, but all her existing toddler behaviors seemed more annoying to us than usual. What has helped is to try and get as much sleep as possible b/c that really helps with my patience. We moved DH and DD into the guest room and so now everyone gets more sleep and that seems to help us all. And I am trying to spend a lot more time with her. Whereas before DS I would try to get her to play on her own so I could make dinner or...
Oh, big bummer! Plugged ducts are bad enough, I can't even imagine mastitis. Get well soon, MP!
Almost 7 weeks and we are still waiting, too. I think I looked online and our state averaged a 9-week wait so I'm not worried, yet. The certified copies of the birth certificate came about a week after I mailed off the form and money for them, so at least that was fast.
Pac- I've always been slow to make friends. It's taken me years but I finally have a few people I feel sort of close to. I don't see them/talk to them that often even though they are close by, but I feel like I can share things with them and could rely on them in a pickle. I met them in a prenatal exercise class 3 years ago when I was pregnant with DD. Friends are pretty important for me and I lean more towards depression when I don't have any. But my DH has no urge...
Are these the same as the Milkies? http://www.mymilkies.com/milksaver I haven't tried them but I agree, they look so cool!
We've been seeing them for four or five days here... still trying to catch a good one on camera. I had forgotten what a great feeling that is. He looks completely different when he smiles. And I love it that the best smiles are reserved for his big sister!
Not yet, but yay! for you guys. So glad it went well. We are thinking maybe next weekend.
Our situation is a bit different than yours in that we moved DD (also almost 3) into her own room at about 4 months, but other than that I think there is a lot in common. We set up some rules for her. Even before the baby, she was expected to go to sleep in her own room. When she woke at night (usually first awakening anywhere between 11:30pm and 4am) she could still come into our bed, but she was not allowed to nurse until 5am (we started this rule at about 22 months...
I can't give any words of comfort better than what's already been said.... thinking of you and sending you hugs. Here are some things that seemed to help with my kids: - swaddling . I could never get the blankets to stay swaddled. The SwaddleMes were so much better. - pacifier and/or sucking on your clean finger (could you sleep with a finger tucked into her mouth?). Sometimes we swaddle over the bottom edge of the paci to better keep it in his...
So sorry for your loss. I have been thinking of you. What a treasure for your father to have had you and Teddy there.
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