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Sore nipples even with a good latch. I get especially sore after having to pump at work. Once I got smaller trumpets for mg pump it helped a little. With my ds I struggled because he wanted milk throughout the night and it was difficult to get restful sleep.
Artistic husband then artistic son decorated my baby belly
I am primarily in charge of the nightime parenting because DH sleeps very heavy and often does not wake up even when I try really hard to wake him. The 3yo can also try to wake him without much luck. We have a newborn DD and are trying to figure out sleeping arrangements with a pretty high needs 3yo DS and trying to stay sane. It is causing a lot of issues between me and DH at times because I get exhausted and need him to be available. Anyone had similar issues or...
I have seen a few blogs about montessori at home but nothing specific. We have a 2yo in montessori and are impressed with how much he loves it and the progress he has made. We also love Little Pim for language help.
  I'll finally introduce myself after many months of reading and sharing. I am a midwife and mama to DS 2yo and wife to a great man. We moved here to Hattiesburg, MS from Chicago for my husband to get his MFA in acting. We are breastfeeding, co sleeping, montessori, attempting to night wean, cloth diapering, mostly vegetarian, crafty, and love to dance. We are trying to adjust to the south and find our tribe. I have taken a mini break as a midwife to enjoy my young...
  Well, depends greatly on payment method. If its a level II with private insurance about 800-1000 or normal ultrasound at 20 weeks with self pay 150 cash.
  My 24 mo is very similar. We have tried him sleeping with daddy at nights and boobies sleep when its dark. It is not working as well as I would like since I can't rejoin the family bed, but have heard it works well for many other moms. He's also developed several colds and more congestion since the boobies are sleeping at night, but I can't continue waking every two hours either. He will sleep almost all night for daddy only waking a few seconds for comfort a time or...
I've heard also best not to detox with teas, would cause GI upset in kiddo. There are some greens type preparations that are considered safe or maybe even a juice fast. 
  My DS is 23 months and I am interested in weaning. I work part time now after recently stepping back from my profession as a midwife, but he still nurses all the time. Some days he will refuse food. He is a small kiddo only about 21 pounds so I worry that the nursing is not enough calories for his active nature. He does not sleep well either and wakes up about every hour or two to nurse. He's super healthy overall and never gets sick and we are very well attached, I...
Hi ladies, I'm moving to Hattiesburg MS this summer and would love to find out more about homebirth in the area for myself in the next year or so and also to continue practicing homebirths.
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