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My son was a major bolting kid and still is at 4.5 yrs old. My daughter is just starting to bolt. I have never used a harness. If we are in a busy place I will ask him to hold my hand and I put my daughter in the sling or the stroller. I would prefer to use a stroller than use a harness. I don't agree with a harness but to each it's own.
I noticed with my son that there was a certain age where I couldn't reason with him and then poof he was able to understand better. This magic # was around 3 yrs for me. With my daughter, she is just turning two this month and she is not able to be reasoned with yet so I am letting it go. I try to redirect her instead.
Thanks for the insight. I believe I am deeply depressed since I have already seen the secret and as much as it was inspiring at the time it doesn't seem to have any effect anymore. I believe deep down at the root of it all there are unresolved feelings that need to be worked out that need to come out. I keep on supressing them since I am terrified of dealing with them but I am sure if I do than my perception of life will change. How to get it out? I don't know but I feel...
So I will start here. I feel I really need someone to talk to but I don't feel I have anyone. I feel alone and alienated quite a bit. I feel like I don't fit in anywhere and discourage new relationships because I seem to want to sabotage everything that does develop. It is like everything is going well and then I do something to create a riff and things end from there. I have issues with rejection and feeling accepted by others. Sometimes I find it easier to just be by...
Quote: Originally Posted by alegna Personally I will have all children in my room who could not exit the house on their own in an emergency. -Angela What a great point Angela. I have always co-slept but this gives me even more of a reason to.
I don't think you are being petty at all. I would be offended if my Mom did that to me. I wouldn't even set up the toddler bed to make a point back. Do what feels right for you
I just wanted to say that I really relate to your post. I am enjoying reading the respnses as well. I don't have much to add but to tell you I am there as well.
One thing I did to help with the latch was to squirt a bit of breastmilk on my nipple prior to latching. This seem to help encourage my daughter to open her mouth since she had a taste for the milk ahead of time.
I have two children, the youngest being 13 1/2 months and still very much breastfeeding day and night. My son is 3 1/2 and weaned. I still don't have a period and was wondering the chances of me ovulating? I am getting mixed feedback on this so I thought I would ask on here. Also on another note completely, I am torn on whether to have another one or not? I have two healthy wonderful children and am thinking of taking the plunge to having another. I am 35 yrs old and...
My 3 1/2 yr old son can have his moments at times. I often react in ways I don't feel comfortable with so I am looking for better ways. One example is when he hits someone or throws a toy at someone or screams because he is frustrated with his sister. I have sent him to his room but have never felt right about this. Is there something I can do otherwise. Also he refuses to eat vegetables of any kind. He says he is not hungry when I serve vegetables and asks for milk or...
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