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I just have my own experience to go on. My selectively-vaccinated ds attended a private preschool and a home-based daycare in Massachusetts, and later a private preschool in Oregon. We had no problems. I filled out the Massachusetts preschool form accurately when asked and it was never mentioned again. The daycare never asked me to fill out a form. The preschool in Oregon gave me an official state vaccination form and asked me to fill it out and turn it in. I...
Oh that's right, it was a video! I received it once as an email attachment but accidentally deleted it and now wanted to show someone. I wonder where it came from? So it wouldn't work to just attach it like you would a picture file? Thanks for trying :-)
Has anyone seen the photo of the mom standing on her head in a yoga position while her baby nurses? Do you know where I can find it? TIA
We play a lot of board games, read books, do art projects, go for walks, and he 'helps' with gardening and cooking. My 4yo would like it if I would get down on the floor with him and 'play trucks' but I really can't stand it, so I usually suggest the other things which he also likes. Yesterday we played a motorized 'go fishing' game and then our discussion about how the toy worked led us to take the whole thing apart to find how the battery connects to the motor and how...
My dd started group violin lessons when she was five and in kindergarten. She was inspired by "Pa" from the Laura Ingalls books. We found a great laid-back teacher who gives group lessons. My dd really liked the social aspect of the group lesson at that age. I think it worked out to about $11/half hour lesson, and we rented a 1/8 violin for $15/mo. She practiced a few times a week, mostly when she wanted to, and sometimes with my help. When she had periods of...
Second the breastmilk.
My 7yo is scared of a lot of videos that most three year olds handle without a problem. We don't watch many videos at home anyway, but it's pretty easy to choose something like Magic School Bus over the "scary" ones like The Land Before Time, or Milo and Otis. But she sees videos in school every day and sometimes she finds them scary. Last year she couldn't sleep after watching the first half of The Lion King in class. I supported her by helping dd talk to the teacher...
I attended my first LLL meeting when my dd was 11 months old, basically because I was the only person I knew who was "still breastfeeding" a child so "old" and I needed some support. I ended up becoming a member and attending meetings after dd weaned, and then through a subsequent pregnancy and nursling. I think LLL benefits from having experienced mothers attending meetings.
When someone is teasing you, they are "trying to get your goat". I say this all the time and every time my DH hears it he cracks up laughing. I think he is just trying to get my goat. Older women in New England used to exclaim over my newborn "oh, how cunning!" which I gather must mean something like "cute" or "precious". My older relatives in Maryland still talk about "coloreds", "eye-talians" and "orientals"
I recently wrote an article called "Breast Cancer Screening During Lactation" which appeared in April at mothering.com: http://www.mothering.com/articles/ne...screening.html You don't need to wean to have a mammogram.
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