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My beloved midwife in Oregon is being indicted on serious charges after a baby died days after birth. She has been a midwife for 30+ years and delivered 300+ babies with no serious incidents. With the unfortunate death of 1 baby last year, she is faced with charges of second-degree manslaughter and criminally negligent homicide. I am trying to help spread the word on this injustice! I watched Marcene deliver my sister, Sara, 19 years ago at our home when I was 7 years...
Quote: Originally Posted by Lineymom Thanks for all the replies!!! Seems it can be done! I was imagining the mw catching the baby from behind and me having to jump-rope the cord to hold the baby, LOL. Thanks so much for the video angelapittman. I had to watch the actual birth part 3 times to see how exactly it happened. That was such quick moves! Thanks so much for sharing! No problem! Yes, it was quick, and I actually didn't even realize...
My 8.5lb baby was born in the water, with me on my knees, arms on the edge of the tub. It wasn't something I had thought about and figured out, it was just what I wanted to do naturally. As she slid out, the midwife helped her between my legs to the front of my body and I grabbed her. It was awesome. This is my video if you're interested: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SG0P5...e=channel_page
Yep, I heard that too! It was when I was pregnant with my first baby. I heard that exact line "you won't get a metal" from someone at work, and heard similiar things from nurses, which is why I got an epidural (reasoning from a first time, uninformed mom in labor at the hospital). For my second child, I did research and in the end decided on a home birth, and it was amazing! I really truly think these kinds of comments come from THEIR insecurity and feeling like they...
I remember from around the 30th week or maybe even before having lots of pressure down there, and carried visibly low. I thought surely I would have my little Holly a little early...but nope, she came at 41w 2d. But my labor was quick (4 1/2 hours TOTAL from first contraction).
Just thought I'd mention that I took her a dentist today and he said it actually IS a tooth! . It's been a month now since I first noticed it, and I decided to check again after she was being REALLY fussy when nursing on one side. It went from being a bump to now protruding through the gum. He said it is uncommon for this to happen, but it could be an extra tooth and it will have to be extracted when she is older and it comes out all the way. It's good to know at least.
Quote: Originally Posted by vegasgrl K so SERIOUSLY new here. Hadn't planned on being pg, would have NEVER considered HB had I not randomly found MDC (oddly in a google search for "termination of parental rights" if that wasn't God's hand I don't know what it was). Now I'm really really really considering a HB, although I have a lot more research to do. I'm NOT crunchy. I'm likely going to be a solo mama, and I'm an attorney so I work my arse off...
1st baby: first contraction to birth was 10 hours 2nd baby: first contraction to birth was 4.5 hours
So at about 4am last night as I was nursing my daughter, I realized I still have these "awww" moments when I'm watching her nurse. I love the way she sounds when she breaths and swallows, I love her sleepy eyes, and the way the rests her hands around my breast. What do you love about it?
My daughter is four months old and I remember with my first daughter (now 2), the pediatrician said to go ahead and start her on solid foods at this age. I am hearing now that "they" recommend six months. Just wondering what the advantages are to waiting 6 months or more to feed your baby some cereal?
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