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We just moved to central MA after living in Southern NH since before I had my kids. Looking for some friends to play with for my 12 month old and 3 year old (he's a very sweet boy with high functioning autism.) Anyone out there for us?
My 3 year old PDD-NOS ds constantly begs to nurse. I figured by this time we'd be down to nursing once or twice a day, but he nurses more often than his 12 month old brother (and would nurse even more frequently if I didn't redirect him half of the time he asks.) Between the frequency of requests, having to have him constantly fix a lazy latch, and working on his meltdowns resulting from being redirected when asking too often... I am just burned out on nursing him. not...
The Applewild School in Fitchburg has a play-based pre-k program (separate from their academic-based pre-k) that I've heard very good things about.
Mostly posting the question since I am curious when my fellow PCOS gals got their first PPAF..... DS just turned one and I haven't had my first PPAF yet.... I doubt I will for a while either seeing as I sometimes went 9-10 months between each AF before TTC with ds. He's still nursing pretty heavily and I want to give him a good two years of nursing before I wean him to start the whole Clomid and Provera routine again..... so anyone want to spam me with personal stories...
I've tried so many different tactics to get ds to stop biting when he nurses.... putting his nursies away and doing something else for a while before we try it again.... Saying "ouch" when he bites and then again when he gets hurt to try and connect the same feelings of pain, keeping a finger in the back of his gums to prevent the biting- which messed up his latch, etc.... you name it, we've tried it (he also bites me/other people on other places on the body as well...
It's not in S.E. MA but also not too far from Providence. Mothers & Company- which is right outside of Worcester has a single mom's group:   http://www.mothersandcompany.com/Solo_Moms_Teatime.aspx
My ds wears one 24/7.... I honestly haven't seen much of a difference in the 6 months he's been wearing his, but keep it on him hoping that eventually I'll have reason to eat my words. We seem to be a minority though, so I do still recommend it to others myself with some caution. We got ours from Stork Organic Baby Boutique in Milford, NH.
Just wanted to give a heads-up that there's a new winter farmer's market forming up in Milford, NH that will take place this weekend.... and then again on 3/5, 4/2, and 5/7 to tide us over until the summer farmer's market starts up again. It'll be from 9 am-noon in the town hall auditorium. More info can be found here:      http://visitingnewengland.com/blog-cheap-travel/?p=756 
Replying back to this thread.... I quit my job to stay home with my LO back around the holidays and am a lonely SAHM now too. I don't know if anyone wants to get a Nashua/Manchester area playgroup together? I'll PM around to see if anyone wants to meetup, and if anyone new reads this later... feel free to PM me about joining us
Our family doctor mentioned that ds will most likely need EI assistance at some point in his future. He's pretty behind with his fine motor skills and has an evaluation with a swallowing specialist coming up soon due to some issues with solids. Can anyone who has had a child recently gone through evaluations and therapies explain how this all works to me.... and if there are copays/fees for the programs? Really- any info you folks can give would be a help since I have no...
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