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Try googling "daddy dolls". I'll be getting one for my son soon. I know your dh isn't military but the concept is the same.
Just to put out there my oldest dd is going to be 18 next summer. Her dad blew up their relationship last year and she doesn't claim him now. However he owes almost 10,000 in arrears and is showing no signs of getting a job in the last 18 months. Any extra $ I can get even with the agency taking their cut would be good for her to have toward college so I've been leaning toward a private collection agency. Anyone have experiences or thoughts they wouldn't mind...
My son doesn't try to 'talk'(mama or dada meaningful). When should I worry about it? He jabbers all the time and had no problem grunting and pointing if he wants something. He's. Also leaned to sign when he wants to nurse but that's about it. Yea I'm being paranoid I guess, but my second dd didn't speak until she was almost 3. I was younger and didn't realize it was such a big deal so I never got her therapy.
Quote: Originally Posted by LCBMAX We are the Ludicrous Family who doesn't flush the toilet if our son is sleeping. It's just not worth the wake-up. Count us into that family too. Ds has always slept horribly and is one cranky little man who won't nap again if woken.
My 12 mo son is afraid of everything all of a sudden. The vacuum, loud noises, neighbors dog barking....n I don't remember this with my girls, he's just so different. Is this normal for his age?
I was just coming to post about my son, but your post sounds exactly like him Bluewolf. I love my boy but I don't like him much when I'm so exhausted. I was rattling the CIO thing around in my head too. I haven't worked out the food thing yet but I have been putting little bits on the edge of my desk where he can snag one as he cruises by at least.
Glad you found it in one piece. When ours got loose I found it too but it came to me...in the middle of the night. Nothing like cold little feet with claws crawling across your belly to wake you up screaming.
Quote: Originally Posted by GoBecGo ETA - the whole 9pm thing is a bit weird to me - i mean, what time do your 3yo's go to bed? My 4 year old is out for the count at 8pm, there would be no reason a theoretical roommate couldn't have the kids and himself in bed by 9pm.... Well for one they're not his kids & not his responsibility IMO. Second, he has to work in the a.m. so getting up with a baby(yeah my baby doesn't sleep for long) probably is...
Quote: Originally Posted by seeing_stars The video game is a WWII based war game, so yes violent. Our computer is in the living room/foyer which is separate from the family room/kitchen/main living area, so it wasn't like she was forced to watch the video game. We have 1 cat, but I am sure that that wasn't an issue, she has 10 cats. My house is pretty clean, the only thing not clean about it that day was that there was a load of laundry on my loveseat...
Mmm just today I mentioned I tried giving ds a little babyfood since he's in constant want of our food. However he has other ideas & hated it, did the whole gagging thing. I got this reply "Just keep shoving it in there." *sigh* Along with the standard "It's good for them to cry." and "Don't let him sleep in your bed you'll NEVER get him out!!" .....
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