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Thanks for all the welcomes. \ hvl25 I'm just south of Detroit. I HSed my 8yo last year, but this year she's going to public school.
Ah, ok, thanks for the clarification. I guess that would be me too. I'd always considered myself bisexual, but if God forbid something were to happen with my marriage, how a potential partner identifies wouldn't matter to me.
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Can someone tell me exactly what this is? I looked up the definition, but all it said was a pansexual person, and I'm not sure wat pansexual is either. :LOL
Thanks for the replies ladies, and thatnk you Chava for the link. I hope I didn't offend anyone with my ignorance.
I tried hard to be a Christian (it's just easier that way), but my heart's just not onto it. According to this test I match 100% with Reform Judaism. This really surprises me since I am not even sure I believe in the God of Abraham, but certainly I will look into it more. I wonder, though, do many people even convert to Reform Judaism? I hope I don't offend anyone by this, but I just can't figure out why anyone would. It's easy to see why someone would convert to...
Hi there. I'm M, living in MI with my 8yo dd. I also have a 17yo dd who does not live with me, and a dh who is currently deployed to Cuba. I'm probably not nearly as crunchy as most mamas here, but ya never know when I might pipe up with a post, so I figured I better introduce myself.
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