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I think what is making it even worse lately is that I have such a hard time falling asleep. I lay there in bed knowing hes going to wake up any time now so its like my body doesnt want to bother going to sleep only to wake up 5 min later. And then DH will let me have an hour or two nap when he gets home from work in the morning and I think that throws my ability to fall asleep at night off as well. *sigh* I can't win... I would be so happy and thankful for 1 4-5 hour...
Ok so to answer some of your questions. 2-3 hours is very rare. I say that its anywhere between 30min - 3 hours because its different all the time. Also it always seems that the nights where he does get 2-3 hours are the nights I CANT fall asleep. So I'm suck laying awake while my DH and DS snooze. When I finally get to sleep DS seems to wake up. Part of my not being able to fall asleep is the fear that as soon as I close my eyes he wakes ups so it makes me all edgy...
My son is 8 months old, pretty much since birth he has been waking up ever 30 min to 3 hours. I'm breaking down... I'm to the point that my exhaustion is making me depressed. My son is GREAT with everyone else when I'm not home. The moment I come home he just whines and crys at me wanting me to hold him 24/7 and at night he wants to nurse all the time. My husband has taken to helping me put my son to sleep without nursing at night by walking him around and shhhing. But...
Another example of wicking is say when you put a diaper cover over a PF and part of the diaper sticks out of the leg or top, it will act like a wick and get urine all over whatever fabric was touching the diaper. Basically to wick or wicking is just transferring a liquid through fabric or fibers of some sort.
Yeah I use a Peri bottle now to wet them since spray bottles just don't get them wet enough for me, that and I wipe him down after every change. I was just curious as to if and how others use them.
Ive been using cloth wipes ever since I started CDing a few weeks ago (which BTW I love). But I was curious to know how you use your wipes? I currently keep my wipes dry and just wet them either with water or with a mixture of water and castille soap. I was thinking about using an old disposable wipes container to leave my cloth wipes in with the solution, but I was worried if theres any negitive sides to letting them sit in soap water? So tell me all about your...
After buying a starter set from GMD that came with cloth wipes I started making my own. You can but upulstery weight flannel from the fabric store and cut them into squares. I surge all my edges but if you buy regular flannel you can sew to squares together and then turn them rightside out and top stitch the edges. Super easy. Or if you don't sew you can probably get away with using pinking sheers to cut them and then not have to sew at all.
Quote: Originally Posted by deputy465 I can't just throw them in the trash. I use the disposable ones that we have left over now on myself. hehe Oh and I added a picture of DH handy work. http://i600.photobucket.com/albums/t...ardsdiaper.jpg
I too like the soothie, but my little guy also refused it and still does most the time. One way that I can get him to take it when hes in a long comfort sucking mood when I'm just too exhausted to hold him and let him suck for that long is to let him nurse then when hes in a light sleep pop him off and replace my boob with the soothie. I call it the "bait and switch" it doesnt always work but often it does.
Thats cool that hes at least willing. Mines been a super trooper about the whole CDing thing its been a few days now of Cding and weve gotten into the swing of things quite well. Though he asked me the same thing about going out with diapers. I'm sure you'll husband will get the hang of it. Mine today came out after changing the baby going "Ok so I see why your inlove with cloth wipes. It makes cleaning him SOOO much easier". hehehe
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