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No, that's other people's locked down networks. You'll have to have access to wi-fi of your own or a free hot spot. Starbucks, B&N, and some McDonalds are a few off the top of my head that have free wi-fi.  
  The subscribe and save discount will always be the same, but the base price of the product will be whatever it is when amazon processes that month's order. Does that make sense?
Thinkgeek http://www.thinkgeek.com/gadgets/ is a great place for cool gadgets.    Sidenote: I don't know about it's value as a gift, per say, but any iteration of the annoy-a-tron ( this year there's a tree ornament called the Tannenbomb) is absolutely worth the $10-15.
I didn't get an "engagement" ring until our 5th anniversary. I took it off in the car just a few weeks after getting it to put lotion on my hands. Forgot to put it back on ( it was in my lap) and got out of the car to run my errands. Someone found a lovely diamond in the grocery store parking lot that day, I'm sure. I asked at the store, but no joy. I was heartbroken. Luckily, I still have the band we were married with. I definitely feel your pain, though. It's just a...
This may not be exactly what the above poster mentioned, but we like these http://www.amazon.com/Norpro-431-4-Piece-Silicone-Maker/dp/B0036B9KHO/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1290320394&sr=8-1
Quote: Originally Posted by katiecat My first thought when I saw the topic was The English Patient. I could not make it through the book but loved the movie. I mean - Naveen Andrews!! See, this cracks me up! I almost didn't read The English Patient b/c I hated the movie so much. I have now read that book at least 15 times. The language is gorgeous. More poetry than prose, imo. There are passages that I have to read aloud b/c the words just...
I was actually poking around here tonight b/c of this exact frustration. treeoflife3, thank you very much for that insight.
3 airtight containers we use for cereal, a large jug of pretzels, my tea bin, the "medicine" bin, and assorted vitamins/suppelments. I know there is other stuff lurking behind all that, but it's all safely contained by the aforementioned fortress of stuff we actually use.....now, what's _on_my fridge is something I really need to work on
I drive an '07 Vibe and DH drives an '08 Suzuki SX4. They're both great cars and were under 10k. The Vibe has more room in the way back than the SX4, but the SX4 seems to have more headroom and the kids say the back seats are more comfy for longer drives. It looks very small from the outside, but when you get in, it's pretty surprising. edit to add: I could also recommend a Rav4. DH traded in our 96 Rav this year for the Suzuki. 280k on it and never had a problem. The...
I am prior military (no make-up there) and now work for DOD as an electronics tech. Still don't wear make-up. I haven't experienced any bias for not wearing it. If anything, in my field, it's the opposite. The women who wear make-up and dress more feminine have a tendency to be regarded by many of my male co-workers as less than capable.
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