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Quote: Originally Posted by wonderwahine I never spend over $5 on anything I'm the same way. I usually wait until closer to the end of each season when our consignment store has $5 bag sales. Salvation Army has 1/2 price day, so that's when we go there. I just wish it would hurry up and get warm so the yard sales will start.
Sinus headaches are why I started using one in the first place. I've had chronic sinusitis pretty much my whole life and that pressure/headache combo is horrible. I usually use it once a week, unless it's really dry or the pollen count is up. Then it's a bit more often. So far, it's worked better than any med I've taken.
We've had a pop-up one on DS's bed for a while that we got at the thrift. Just after Christmas, we found the Cranium Superfort on clearance for about $20 at evil-mart. That thing is awesome. If you can find one, they're worth it. The pieces snap together with magnets. Very easy to build with and the finished structures are actually sturdy enough to be moved around without falling apart . DS is 3 and has built some houses all on his own. I think it's one of the few toys...
Quote: Originally Posted by eastkygal Thanks for the recommendations. I really like the idea of recycling old sweaters. A little mouse got into my sweaters I had in a dresser, and I'm afraid to look at the damage. How do I recognize if something is recyclable and how do I go about unraveling to get as much yarn as possible? http://www.az.com/~andrade/knit/thrifty.html I hope the link works. This is and awesome tutorial on unraveling.
I was winding all my stuff by hand (also on tp tubes, lol)... until I ventured into laceweight.No figging way. The knots would have been ridiculous. Couldn't afford a swift, but one of those really tacky accordian looking lampshades on a lamp with a sturdy base works just as well. You just loosen the top nut on the shade and off you go.
Gentian Violet works well, too. And you can't beat purple toes, lol.
On the pets, definitely go for the Advantex. As far as in the house, there is this stuff you can get called diatomaceous earth. You can find it at feed stores and some lawn and garden stores. I think it may be used as a fertilizer?? Totally nontoxic, although it does have hazards. You can put it down on your rugs and let it settle in. Just keep the kiddos out while you're at it and wear a dust mask. It is a claylike substance (very fine powder) that dehydrates the bugs...
I like Loveybums wool covers for tri-folding. Very trim and breathable. Nikki's weren't too bad, either.
I accidentally got an XL Lucy's Hope Chest dipe in a trade and it was really big. My guy has been wearing L in everything for a while and he was on the tightest snaps in that one with plenty of wiggle room.
For us, it works out cheaper b/c we use it in place of sour cream and cream cheese (once the whey is drained off) . If you incubate it at a lower temp (closer to 95 degrees), it comes out pretty mild and makes a good substitute for both. If it's too tart, you can add a bit of lemon juice : Don't know why, but it works.
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