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Make yourself a wrap, mama It's the only way I can carry my 20mo DS on my back.
Harleyz and Daisy Doodles both go up pretty high on my guy. If not all the way to the hip, then pretty close to it.
I'm making these for my mom. They're going pretty quickly.
I gave up on center pull, too. I just cut the corner of a zip loc bag and put the ball in there. I pull the yarn through the corner. The baggie stays put in my knitting bag and the ball rolls around in the baggie.
I use a rice-filled sock, so I imagine a gnome wouldn't be too much different. Cute idea!
I've always used dry pail and never had stains until we moved somewhere w/ soft water. Now, nothing seems to rinse as well and it sucks. I just do cold rinse, hot wash w/ sport wash, cold rinse.
I saw these links on my Freecycle group and thought I'd pass them on. Hopefully this belongs here??? Paperback book swap Frugal Reader
Quote: Originally Posted by Sativarain1 I always buy organic eggs and milk only go thru a half of gallon a week anyhow hmmm try to stick with non transfat items too, but I fail when it comes to peanut butter I have yet to taste a good brand. Also buy mostly fruit & veggies organic when they have it. For me taste really does matter when it comes to eating organic foods, not only is it healthier but man it just taste so good, there's no reason to buy...
Well, I don't have too many choices. Super Walmart has a teensy organic section, our other grocery stores have none. I stick to the farmer's market, as a few of our local farmers are organic. I will be starting my garden (first one in YEARS, woo hoo!) next month, so hopefully that will help a bunch once we can harvest. I found the Dirty Dozen list to be very helpful with prioritizing what I feel I can't compromise on.
Well, we're caretakers for someone else right now, so this is pure fantasy. Our home, in my mind's eye.......organic (meaning it does not seem to intrude on it's surroundings, but is almost a part of them....make sense?), simple, gratitude, ease, comfort, whole, welcome. I have to go ponder what these words mean to me now, since they just came out of nowhere. Thanks for this.
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