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Dr. Miles at Progressive Pediatrics is definitely the most non-vax friendly. I have also heard good things about Dr. Reddy at Rainbow Pediatrics. I recently heard someone mention Dr. Joyner too, I think was the name.
I had Lasik with Dr. Schnipper. He is probably the most well know and most reputable in the Jacksonville area. I was actually able to get a decent discount because I met what they were looking for in a "live" patient. I had the surgery while an audience watched in the lobby. I answered questions before and after.
We are in a very similar position. My twin girls have been in Waldorf preschool for the last 3 years. We do not have a grade school here yet. I was hoping that my girls would be a part of the first group that went onto kindergarten and 1st grade, but it doesn't look like we have the parent support or organization within our initiative to actually make this happen. They are supposed to start kindergarten in the fall and I am so torn. Waldorf school is not an option and I...
Not sure what advice to offer, but just wanted to let you know that we dealt with this to. One of my twin girls did this. Someone told me at the time it was actually a sign of high intelligence! Not sure if that is true....she is definitely my most curious child.
If you have playstands, you can fold them over the top of them in a row. That's where ours are supposed to go, but like you, they often end up in a basket. My daugthers do have a sweet song they learned at school for folding playsilks....the only part I can remember is "fly, fly, butterfly..."
If you want something that is very easy to read and understand, I really liked Understanding Waldorf Education by Jack Petrash. It is a great starting point if you don't know much about Waldorf -- a good starting point.
Super cute! Is that a chandelier above the table? I've been wanting one of those for my girls bedroom.
Keep the same online business I have now (natural toys) but use the money to also have a print catalog!
I came to this forum to see what was going on and saw this. I am so sorry I didn't respond to your email! I don't remember getting one from you...what email address did you send it to?? The dollhouse you linked to is the Kinderkram Farmhouse and it is beautiful. I ordered one for a girlfriend of mine a few years ago and it is stunning. Unfortunately, that item has been discontinued by the Kinderkram distributor here in the United States. I don't know Kinderkram has...
My mom completed training at Sunbridge. I believe she went for 3 weeks each summer for a couple of years. Sorry I don't remember exactly, but I would be happy to ask her if you are looking into the program there.
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