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Within the past month or two, so basically right at 2 years old.
My DD is almost 20 months old. She wakes up around 7:30-8am every day and she naps right after lunch, which is about 4-5 hours after she is up for the day.
DD was just in her diaper for most of the summer when we were at home.   I plan on buying mostly dresses this summer. So much easier for diaper changes.
Nope. PJs are for in the house only.
Stunt woman? She has no fear, LOL!  
FB One size. I hated them. Almost swore off CDing altogether because of them.   As much as I love the way they look and fit, the perfect size FBs arent much better. After 3 months of use, ALWAYS being line dried, nine out of twenty of my diapers have delaminated. Infuriating.   I hate any AI2 system. Drives me nuts .. I don't get the hype. Definitely more of a pocket/AIO kind of gal, I guess.
About 1/day. Not very accurate. I did a lot more posting when I was pregnant and in my baby moon. I mostly lurk now (and I lurked for a while before I ever joined). I've been a lot less likely to lurk since the forum switched over to this new format.
My daughter is almost 15 months old and definitely still rear facing. She'll be rear facing until she literally can't safely do it any longer (too tall or too heavy, whichever comes first). She won't be forward facing for a long time to come, either, because her seat is a TALL one and RF up to 45lbs, lol.
We just used what we liked. If we ever have a son, his middle name will be Dean to honor my late grandfather.
Yes, but nothing like I used to. I used to drink 1-2 cans of regular Pepsi every single day. I have loved pop for a good part of my life and I'm seriously addicted. Anyway, I've been making lifestyle and diet changes so I haven't bought any pop since the first of the year. I feel a lot better and healthier but I miss it sooo much. I do let myself have about one pop a week at a restaurant or something so I haven't cut it out COMPLETELY but I've scaled it back A LOT.
New Posts  All Forums: