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DD is (almost) 1 y/o, not vaccinated and so far, no illnesses whatsoever.
Sweet potato.
I don't really care for matching, personally. I don't want everyone in solid black/blue/white/etc. I like coordinating or complimentary color schemes but nothing too loud. For our family pictures, I wore a brown turtle neck, DH wore a light purple dress shirt, and our daughter wore a dark purple jacket over a white shirt and we all wore jeans. So they all "go" together but aren't the exact same outfit, kwim? I also think it looks nice when a family does varying shades of a...
Quote: Originally Posted by neetling it means a serious, better pay attention, because I mean business kind of talk. This is how I use it (which is pretty rare). I hear it somewhat frequently and it's always used in this context.
Thanksgiving is very much up in the air right now. We are temporarily relocating to TX here in a couple of weeks so my DH can receive radiation treatment. We will be staying with my sister so I'm sure she will cook up something but I'm not really for sure. I'm not too upset because Thanksgiving is a very 'meh' holiday for me. I'm bummed about missing Christmas, mostly.
No. Never heard of doing that aside from a baby shower.
DD has been eating bits and pieces of pizza crust since she was about 7-8 months old. I've never given her the entire crust because that's my favorite part, LOL! But I do pinch off pieces for her to eat.
I am a thank you card stickler. I think it's really, really rude not to send a thank you card, in the mail. I get really annoyed and aggravated with people when they don't send me a thank you card. To be honest, I'm a lot less likely to give another gift if the person can't even say thank you. It takes 5 minutes max and I think it's the least someone can do.
If I HAD to pick just three and had no other option (I plan to homeschool), I would definitely choose the first three. Without question.
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