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Just depends! Usually once a week, sometimes twice (not including the cloth diapers!). HODY wash your windows?
I usually just respond sarcastically or ignore it and let it roll off my back. Some people only know how to communicate w/ passive aggressiveness and it drives me up the wall. Honestly, I've cut most of those people out of my life completely because I don't need that kind of negativity in my life, you know? I'm a much happier person by not having to deal w/ the BS!
Thin crust, cheese pizza and orange popsicles. Which is hilarious because non-pregnant, I don't like thin crust or cheese pizza OR orange popsicles.
Well, I don't breastfeed so I'm not the only one capable of feeding DD. He gets up to change her, feed her, retrieve the pacifier, or bring her to bed with us - everything the same as I do. Honestly, he's probably the one that hears her first 60-70% of the time. It works for us and I'm glad he helps so much. He's told me on more than one occassion that he's not comfortable letting me do 100% of the night time parenting just because he's the one who works. To quote him "my...
Wow, that is weird. I'm really surprised they are asking for such personal information. Whether I vax or not is a non-issue, I would NOT be giving personal information out. No way, no how. I would willingly answer their questions if it was TRULY anonymous, but I wouldn't be giving out my name, my child's, or doctor's name.
In my little area of the world, it's pretty accurate, I'd say. I'm the only person that I know of "in real life" that doesn't vaccinate. I don't even think I know of anyone that selectively vaccinates!
I'm sorry, mama. That really stinks. I hope it isn't a permanent requirement and they ease up after a while and realize they're being a little over the top. I mean, it's their choice to make and I understand that, but it's really crappy for you. This is something I am afraid of happening to me so I don't ever discuss DD's vaccination status w/ anyone. Don't even want to go there!
That is absolutely awful. Do people have NO compassion? Gah.
I would be upset, but it wouldn't be a BIG BIG deal. I don't keep any personal information on there for this reason. No credit cards, I won't use paypal, etc. I would mostly be upset because I'd have to replace it and smart phones aren't cheap.
I definitely identify myself as a SAHM, not a homemaker. My primary goal each and every day is to take care of my child, not my house. Housework plays second fiddle to my daughter, lol. I mean, I am BOTH, but if I have to pick one, it's a SAHM, kwim? I take care of most of the household things because I'm here and that's my "job" but I'd be doing those things whether I had my daughter or not (and I did!).
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