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The routine that worked the best for us was the N.A.P.S. routine. Basically working on a 90minute wake/sleep schedule. There is a book out there about it, but the gist is every 90min we come 'down' and are receptive to sleep. If we try to put them to bed NOT at that time (some being more sensitive than others of course) we will battle until they DO hit the 90min cycle. The more they sleep, the better they sleep. Sleep begets sleep. On THAT note NONE of my babes have EVER...
not everything ends up mirrored I've been told. My boys have mirror eyes (one slightly more closed), mirror hair whorls, mirror birth marks between their eyes, yet everything else seems to be the same.
I had a breech twin A, vertex twin B at 35wks. At 37.5wks I had two breech babes. So my Twin B flipped somewhere in that 2.5wk period. I ended up with a section because of the same criteria you had.
MamaRabbit - what an AWESOME pic!
We seperated ours at 6mths for naps (to go it slowly) and 7mths for night time. But the cribs are right next to each other and they lay there 'talking' to each other. If the cribs are farther apart (we tried on opposite sides of room) they don't sleep well. We seperated them because Lane always rolled on Zachary and woke him up.
I think, in theory, I'd love another set of twins - I love the interaction of them etc - BUT!!! Twins would put us at 7 kids - about 5 more than we'd planned! LOL I would never 'risk' it since I've conceived twins twice (having miscarried one of the twins) and carried one set to term....so, the tubes are tied....LOL BUT! You are not crazy. We all can handle different things! I have to friends who have two sets of twins each - one has 2 fraternals, one has ID girls...
First off CONGRATS! Twins are a roller coaster ride, but I'm loving it! (and i don't like roller coasters! LOL) I had to reevaluate a lot of things when it came to this twin birth. My other births were all with midwives, the 2nd and 3rd homebirths. When I found out it was twins, a midwife was out of the running - not 'allowed' by our government. I have three other children that needed me to be focused on them as our home life was not the best - we were in between homes...
YAY glad you got the results back and now can say definitely either way. Maybe some day when we have the extra cash we may do it too.
Quote: Originally Posted by 2+twins I didn't suspect but I knew. I just knew it. I'd think "the babies" or say "the babies" right from the time I got my BFP. Drove my dh nuts! I had always wanted twins in my prior pregnancies and looked for signs with those but the time when I actually was pg with twins was just different in that way - knowing vs. wishing. It felt very different. Yah that. Totally. I just knew when we figured out I was pg...
HUGS I'm just fighting the nap - or lack there of issues right now - I'm sure i'll experience the sick babies too some day! HUGS HUGS HUGS HUGS
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