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Quote: Originally Posted by SuzyQ2+2 ...and sadly, I seem to be one of those people who can't tell twins apart, because to this day, a 1 year old, I still struggle to tell them apart I feel horrible about it, but for some reason my brain doesn't seem to register any subtle differences. Pretty much no one can tell ours apart if they don't have clothes on. That is how I feel! I feel like the worst mother because I can't tell my babies apart!
So Identical. totally totally identical! Coming from a Mum who was told the same thing about hers! LMBO I totally doubt it at times, but have been assured there is no WAY mine aren't! I have no desire to test as it really makes no difference to me - they are two different little persons and shall remain that way. I just answer the question to ID or Frat as = we were told identical as they shared a placenta. and leave it at that.
I had two 41.5wkers - one boy, one girl. My 40wker was a boy. The twins were boys and 38wk - not sure when they'd have come on their own.
I had mine at 38w2d. I had no signs of labor, and the only reason we went ahead with the section was because my Baby A had his foot in the door. He was footling breech, and Baby B was full breech. Due to the fact that I live an hour away from the hospital that does sections, we decided that 38w was pretty darn good for twins and it wasn't worth the risk of me going into labor with a footling breech an hour away from medical care. That being said - i was totally done....my...
I have not sat down to calculate it firmly, but we did a rough estimate and we are definitely saving at least 50% by baking our own bread. I buy my flour when its on sale (and I buy our local co-op brand) so I only pay about $6 per 10kg - that's 3 loaves of bread right there.
I got them earlier with each pregnancy - but when I got them at 16wks was with my twins!
Quote: Originally Posted by onyxravnos so how many toys are are not 'community owned' and belong to just one child? Obviously there are age categories and currently in my house there are 'girls' toys and 'boy' toys so its easy to separate of whos is whos but with the likely addition of three more kids and (maybe more later?) for MoM are most toys shared? how many toys belong to just one child at your house? how are 'that mine' fights sorted...
My duo hated tummy time too - screamed and rubbed their faces into the floor so I just picked them up. Ironically, the one who hated it the most rolled over first. They are now 4mths and in the last month have mastered barrel rolling and love holding their heads up high on their tummies! So don't despair!! I held them lots in my cuddlywrap and they got strong necks that way - like Amy mentions with the sling!
Quote: Originally Posted by PreggieUBA2C Mamas, how many years do you have boys and girls sharing rooms? We have all boys now, but if our new babe is a girl, we'll need another bedroom at some point. At what age do you subdivide the sexes? My friend has a 4.5yr old girl sharing with a 3 yr old boy, but they've started being a little more than curious, so she's considering separating them. Three seems young, but I guess it depends on the child? If 3 yrs...
I've posted once or twice, but am trying to get on more often! I'm Tamika, Mum to 5, ages 7,5,4 and 4mth old twins. Quote: Originally Posted by Anglyn Isn't it funny how the same children who can't hear you screaming at point blank range can hear a soda can pop open or a candy wrapper rattle from the other end of a house full of noise? Interesting phenomena. Oh how true is that!!!!! Quote: Originally Posted by...
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