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Oh hun! Congrats on your boys! Identical little faces soon to be looking at you! I hope there is a membrane hanging out there just being too thin and wispish to be seen, but if not I will pray that your little ones are stubborn enough to fight!
I budget $200CDN biweekly. That is for 2 adults (one bf'ing twins), a 7yr,5yr and 4yr old. We occasionally go over when we need milk/fruit beyond what fits the 200. But not usually over 20 dollars. We have no benefits. I do price compare quite a bit tho and buy very little prepackaged foods (in addition to baking my own bread/pasta/baked goods)
yah - it made me cuss! LOL You asked about sleeping- my duo goes down at 8pm ..and they are NOT nursed to sleep - I usually nurse them while I'm reading bedtime stories to the older kids. Once its lights out for the big kids I swaddle the babes and if DH is home we each cuddle one - if he's not I cuddle both. Then down they go when they're sleepy but still open their eyes a bit when I lay them down. They are out til about midnite - if they both wake up I tandem nurse, if...
What are the genders of your other kids?? I was INSANELY sick with my daughter, not sick at all with my singleton boys and just a bit queasy with my Duo boys. I'm glad that the question about whether there is two or not is gone - now you can just enjoy being pg! LOL And look forward to a big baby! LOL My 3rd always measured 2 wks ahead....but was born 9 days 'late' from his EDC covered in vernix.....not so late I'd say and just a big babe!
I had a HUGE post typed out and hit the back button and erased it.......... I dont' have time to retype now, but will just say that honestly I think breastfeeding the duo is WAY easier and less time consuming than pumping/feeding. No bottle washing, no time to warm it up - its just ready whenever needed. I did bottlefeed my first so I have a comparison to the time it took. I feed for about 20min every 2-3hrs a day and it actually makes me spend more time paying attention...
I only vomited while pushing with my DD, then in transition with DS1. Didn't vomit at all with DS2. I had a c-section with the twins and was under general...so no help there.
Quote: Originally Posted by hergrace Now, it is clear that 4 children is more than is comfortable for us in many ways, but these four are incredibly special and our family is rich in ways I could not have imagined. well said!! That is how we are with our 5. My husband only ever wanted TWO kids. Now here we are crazily happy with FIVE! I always said I wanted 4. I joked that we'd have two, then an oops and it would be twins and I'd get my 4....
I'm with Jeri! not pregnant, but want to say CONGRATS!! I have three 'oops' - one BCP and the twins from a condom - that obviously didn't work. I remember when my Mum found out she kinda looked at me with this "ANOTHER one?" look on her face.....DH adjusted and now we can't imagine life without them!
Oh - forgot to say that I carried my mono-di twins to 38w3d - and likely would have gone longer if not for one being a footling breech with his other leg transverse across the exit....I had NO signs of labor but I can honestly say I was 'done'.
They can have thrush and not show any signs - my latest bout of it showed up with just pain in my nipples - but the doctor saw two small colonies in the duo's mouths. I get that same pain you described - like they've chomped down too hard (and that COULD be a problem too - in that they may have a bit of a bad latch). Is the nipple ALWAYS a lighter color? Or only just after they've come off? The lighter color could be from them chomping - squeezing the blood out (like...
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