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well I kept the chiro appt and the ECV was quick and easy! Now I just hope the baby stays head down. I'm under midwife care, so the OB was not my regular care provider, but he is *the* person to go to for ECV and is very low intervention himself and I really trust him. I'm going back to the chiro next week as well-- wish I had done it sooner. Yeah I skipped the moxa last night- it was just too late and i think it would've been too much change in one day.
Quote: Originally Posted by kms7z I don't think it would hurt to try, right? With my son I had nothing going on at 39 or 40 weeks (closed, no effacement etc) and my midwife had me start it. I should add that I started it at like 39 or 40 weeks and then was induced at 41w5d with a foley catheterer and castor oil. So, it definitely didn't send me into labor right away. But I had not much going on compared to you, Kikelet, since you are at 2cm.
I usually avoid the topic until i get asked explicitly about it. With my first I definitely heard tons of horror stories, but oddly this time I am just getting lots of "Oh that is interesting! [followed by curious questions]" And the birth stories I've been hearing are consistently about precipitous, really fast labors. I'll take that over emergency c-section stories any day! I think it has something to do with the fact that I already had my son at the birth center and...
I'm waiting for my chiropractor to call me back on this, but thought I'd ask here as well. My baby turned again and is now frank breech at 38 weeks. I have a chiro appt for webster at lunchtime, and moxibustion in the evening. I just got a phone call that my midwife got the OB to commit to doing the external cephalic version this afternoon. I am *not* moving the ECV-- too difficult to schedule and time is running out. Should I keep the chiro appt (it is my first)?...
I don't think it would hurt to try, right? With my son I had nothing going on at 39 or 40 weeks (closed, no effacement etc) and my midwife had me start it.
ugh i had an awful night last night-- felt like regular contractions but up high in my ribs. I hope it wasn't the baby moving into a non-vertex position again, or gravitating farther upwards. I walked a ton today (went to the zoo to get my mind of things and some fresh air). I am going to try to see my midwife tomorrow to make sure the baby is still head down.
oh i totally forgot about lentil soups and chili! my husband is from India so daal is a good place to start. And there is Paula Deen's white chili recipe too-- I actually won a chili cook off at work a few years ago with this. Question about freezing-- do I have to do anything special to the food? Or I can just make it, and then stick it in the freezer?
So, the last major task on my birth prep checklist is to come up with a good post-partum meal that my family and potentially the midwife and birth assistant will eat after the birth. Here are my requirements: No beef or pork Needs protein Must be freezable No parmesan (DH can't stand it) Are there any good websites out there or does anyone have any recommendations? What is everyone else making? I think it also would be good for me to go ahead and make a few...
My son is 2 1/2 and the best thing so far for us is the Dr. Sears book "baby on the way." We're going through this the first time ourselves so I don't have much other advice. And, until the baby is actually here, I am not sure how much my son will "get it"
I'm guessing he wants a pic of the face to check for things like a cleft palate or hairlip. I just had an u/s at 37 weeks to check position, and they did an anatomy scan at that time as well, definitely looking at the face (which I admit was fun since this is our first, and hopefully last, u/s). At 32 weeks the baby could change position, and I agree with everyone else-- it'll be best if she stays face down, head down.
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