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Just a quick drive by (((((hugs))))) to all who had bfns and are pushing forward to the next cycle.and .. To those who are taking a break hope its short and sweet AFM: Well AF started for me sun night so I'm back to waiting to o should be round the end of next week some time
Pokey if I don't start in a few days I will poas again but feeling really bummed right now.... I always feel ovulation pain on the right side and last cycle was right so maybe this month will be a better month... Only good thing is I have never had a cycle longer than 28-29 days so if I'm not preggers this cycle the next one should be right around the corner
Outdorsey and east to west yall are killing me I've got my everything crossed for you I'd love to see some more good news this month Pokey af sucks AFM. I am 14 dpo today and poas with only one line but it's weird because af is nowhere in sight fertility friend has basicly told me that this is an anovulatory cycle even tho I got what I thought was a positive opk. I've never had an anovulatory cycle even at the RE and monitored cycles always produced beautiful...
Tandy congratulations stick little one stick Kinda makes me more optimistic about my lack of symptoms but otherwise zen feelings. I'm waiting until Friday to poas since that's officially 14 days from when I think I od
Megin thank you
So.... I was wondering if when I have to drive to my donors house 30 mis away how I should transport the golden liquid....should I put it between my boobs and keep them warm or should I get a small cooler and ice pack to cool them a little durring the transport home. I have no idea I have been keeping them warm but as last month was a bfn and this month is yet to be seen
Lise. yea for thread keepers luck stick little bean stick
wishin&hopin . Stick little bean stick
Mr and mrs I'm so sory to hear your having to take time off. Maybe tho it's a good thing to know at least that that left overy is doing something albeit frustrating. Hope your brake is a short one
lise thanks for starting the new thread...can you please move me to the tww Morris what state are you in?? Fillie welcome sounds like everyone's on the same page here's to hoping that you can have an early insem and a bfp not far behind may your stay be short and sweet Ib my RE told me there was minimal difference between one insem or two but hey I say 2 well timed insems are always better than 1 ;-) Pokey when will you be joining us again after ad shows up?? East...
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