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Sorry, I was afraid of this. I don't question what you said. I didn't mean to belittle or deny, just wanted to give a head's up that I had used this service and hadn't had anything bad happen, so for those of us or whom it was too late (Activia and I) that maybe it would be OK, a little reassurance. I also didn't get the offer through Everyday Family, but through the Baby Leggings company (and Udder Covers) directly, so I don't know if it's Everyday Family that's the...
@Michelle Murphy I just did that deal today. For anyone interested, the shipping is $13.45, BUT still a pretty good deal on baby leg warmers (figures out to less than $2/pair), which I admit I have a major addiction to! Additional pairs are $2 each.   I think it is affiliated with the other companies where you get tons of "free" stuff - I got a nursing cover through it when I was pregnant with DS, now I'm not so modest, so glad I didn't spend a ton on it. ;) 
That's amazing! What's up with these big brothers? How did they get the information right from the start? :)
And we are team ... pink! (?!) My son called it from day one! Found out just in time to get all my boy stuff ready for sale at our local kid's consignment sale. 
Any advice on this front? A little background - I had hospital based midwifery care with my first pregnancy, it was awesome. Switched insurance, now I don't have access to that practice (or ANY midwives) through insurance. I started OB care through my primary care clinic, and we recently hired a midwife in anticipation of a home birth this summer. I love 90% of our primary care clinic EXCEPT the way they do OB. Instead of keeping our family's primary doc through pregnancy,...
Going downtown to buy my beads today. Will be thinking happy thoughts of you all!
My PCP clinic has MyChart - very handy for having access to test results, immunization records, etc. I get it for my kid, too. Love it! However, my midwife is much more lower tech, since her practice is still small, and she has old-timey paper charts.
So many of my favorites are already on here! I finished Expecting Better over our vacation, and my husband started on it, and we both geeked out pretty hard. I read the Essential Homebirth Guide prior to this pregnancy, and really enjoyed it - may peruse it again now that I'm pregnant and planning a homebirth! Ina May's Guide to Childbirth and Guide to Breastfeeding are both great. Love the newest edition of The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding. Sears' Baby Book is my...
Yikes! No horror stories from me. Yeah, I managed to miss a stair when pregnant with DS and also hurt my neck/back, but he was fine. Amniotic fluid is a wonderful thing! And as my husband said when I bit it, kudos to your protective mothering instinct! I echo other folks - check in with your baby via doppler if you have access and it would make you feel better, but also check in with care providers for YOUR comfort. Let us know when you have an update, and I hope you are...
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