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Made this for a friend who had her rainbow baby...
I just got some leather and a puncher so I can make myself a pair of slippers. I have a hat and a cowl to finish first.
I like Strider and have been a fan of mothering for awhile.  My 1 year old would love one cause the three year old won't be done with this bike for awhile.  My 6 year old learned how to ride his 2 wheeler by practicing on his little sisters strider bike.  Took him 2 days!
SuzyQ-me: Yes, we swaddle for naps and sleep at night.  I had started doing it with my second child after naps and sleep were a bit of a challenge with my first.  My second and third loved being swaddled until about 9-10 months and then they slept just fine after without it.  How I would be able to tell they were ready for no swaddle was to try and put them down without it and if sleep at night was fine and they weren't waking to be awake (nursing and then back to sleep...
I kinda photo bombed, but I couldn't pick just one.  G will be 6 months on Mar. 9th and we'll be doing a half-birthday for him since my mom is coming to visit.  Should be fun!  The boy is growing like a weed.  We haven't taken him in for any well-baby visits; we just haven't seen the need.  He rolls around on the floor and has lots to say to everyone.  He's starting to find things funny so he'll actually laugh if he thinks what you're doing is funny.  He's about 18 lbs...
  Sitting with big brother   Sitting for the first time        Sleeping.....      bath time     Playing
  Just be careful with him thinking it's funny.....
Yes!  It's the saddest thing....the hair loss is the last thing to go from the pregnancy.  I remember a hair stylist tell me the more I brushed it the less that would fall out in clumps.  I also found after having my second child that I ate a lot of avocado because I heard it was good for hair.  I ended up not losing hair in clumps and the hair loss didn't last as long.  
  I meant to come back and respond when I read it the other day.  The way that you are doing it is the way that I did it with my other 3 kids.  The only other advice is to say it louder than you are right now and not to let him sit bored at the breast.   It only took  a couple times with my kiddos and hopefully the same with my new guy.  Hope that helps.    
I just joined to say thank you.  I'm a bit lost right now and in a bit of denial.  The hormone thing made a lot of sense.   ......september 2011 ddc
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