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Well I should be leaving here in a couple of hours for the hospital. I am having a scheduled c-section, but here in Atlanta it has been icing/snowing for the past couple of days and we are not prepared for that so the road are pretty much impassable. But I don't know if it is due to cabin fever already setting in or what, we are going to try and make the trip. The hospital is only 8 miles away, and my fathers house is on the way which is where we are planning on dropping...
Congratulations ....all these babies being born hopefully no one will be left by the end of January !
I had Paraguard (Copper IUD ) for 6 years before I got pregnant with our daughter and had no problems with it, we got pregnant again when she was 3.5 months old with this one which really was not a surprise as we had just started trying again and wanted the children to be about 18 mos. - 2 years apart, but got pregnant the first month of trying. I already had one son from a previous marriage so that makes 3 for us altogether with the the 2 youngest being 1yr. 12 days...
Congratulations.....I personally <3 the name 
LMAO .........I soooooo know this feeling !
Congrats...I don't know about the pacifier thing as this is going to be the first real go at breastfeeding for me, but with my other two children they use one while on their bottle during the first 12 months.   I know that babies have a psychological need to suck. This is a good question and I will be checking back  for updates and doing some research myself today on it. 
Congrats...cant wait for pictures.
well when i had a kidney infection about 2 weeks ago and went to the hospital to be seen because my doctor was on call. She checked me then and I was 1.5 cm and 50% thinned out which I know really doesnt mean anything because it can always change without warning. 
she's so pretty ...congrats...happy for you that it was nice and quick
its a repeat c-section since my other two have been c-section and I thought about doing VBAC with my second but the doctor didnt support it and I was not educated enough at the time so I went along with it and now since my daughter is so close in age to this one they said it would be the best thing.
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