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NOpe-I could NEVER fit it all ina tea ball-I also add nettles & alfalfa. I make 2 quarts at a time in a glass bowl, then strain it ;)
SOunds like we have the same thing mama :( I've been so sad for the baby-thinking she may want out of the awful place that keeps shaking & rocking her world!! Fresh garlic is a super immune booster-just chop it up & swallow it with your vitamins. A pure form of vitamin C-like acerola cherry powder. Elderberry syrup too--I make my own but you can also buy it. oh-and NO sugar!! good luck-hope you feel better! I had it 6 days but feeling much better today.
I like Blake but dh has always LOVED Logan because that's Wolverines name! lol
I also LOVE beatrice-but ONLY if said the Italian way: Bey-a- tritchay
My name is Erin. I'm a doula & homebirth midwive's assistant. This is my 3rd baby, 5th pregnancy. First in the hospital (unmedicated), 2nd at home as with this one My EDD is 6/30. Ds1 was 13 days early and ds2 was 7 days early...this one too??? love this idea!! oh yes-I am in NC
I know a Chris Christie---and boy do I love saying it ;) I love Tigerlily-dh doesn't :(
 18 weeks :)oops-not sure how I added the photo twice? sorry!
ratgrl-is this your first? I know first time moms don't always feel baby as soon. As for not looking pregnant--you may just "pop" all at once-won't that be neat?:)  My friends who are tall tend to not look pregnant until they are about 6months-then BAM! :) 
I am 16 weeks :) important to know that this was taken in the morning:  by bedtime I have doubled in size! lol
 thought it was pronounced ahna-eese? like Thais: tie-eese
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