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ooooh! Cannot WAIT to try this recipe out!
We have wanted to switch to Credo for YEARS. Finally may act on it-anyone have any experience with them? thanks
trying this now!!
7 yo- fully vaxed except Hep B ntil 9 months--had chicken pox and what we think was H1N1 4 yo- no vaccinations. had chicken pox + seasonal flu
oh oh oh!! LOOK: http://wonderwall.msn.com/movies/gis...tory?GT1=28135 yay!!
We live outside of WIlmington, a bit south, in Southport, which is Brunswick County....Yes, Tidal Creek co-op is wonderful and WIlmington has much more to offer than the little town of Southport, but our "crunchy" numbers are growing There are quite a few homeschoolers here and a small HFS (overpriced and not much variety), we have a Parenting Naturally + Homebirth Meet Up groups (WIlmington and Brunswick county together), more than 5 LLL groups in WIlm and 1 in...
thank you soooooo much chevy974! wow--need to print that one
my parents never let us have sweets (NEVER is how I remember it) and so I feel like I was just like your ds...I would choose which friends' house to visit after school by who had the best (junkiest) snacks! Pathetic right? By highschool jellybeans and gumdrops were my favorites (pure sugar) and i'd eat a whole bag....anyway it was disgusting and I am suprised I have no lingering health problems!!! Not sure what the answer is but i know for me it wasn't sweets as...
another vote for nag champa. But I have to admit, since I have rid our house of all other chemicals over the last few years, it DOES feel wrong to burn it...I think I am really sensitive to any unnatural odors now. But love the smell of Nag Champa if I don't think about all the other stuff!
first thing this a.m. he sat right up and said I'm all better! ANd he sounded it, looked it and his temp had come way down. 30 minutes later he had diarrhea for the first time and was all pale and clammy....sigh.....
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