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never mind-just found a bunch of threads-guess I don't quite understand how this works anymore
where is everyone?
how many of you start drinking RRL tea during first trimester? If you wait, what are your reasons? thanks-trying tot decide when to start drinking it-I am only 5w+ 3 d
ok then, change me to to May 8
can someone help me figure out when my EDD would be? I know my DO was 8/15....does this mean that is also date of conception it we only had sex BEFORE my DO? TIA!
Quote: Originally Posted by KoalaMommy It depends on where you are in pregnancy. More than 1000mg daily has been linked to miscarriage in early pregnancy. I know someone who did mega dosing of vit C in pregnancy who has a child with severe vit C allergy. Some practitioners recommend between 2000 and 3000 mg daily, but it's definitely something to clear with your practitioner. interesting-what was the source of vit c that person was taking?
personally I wouldn't worry about too much vit. c. Most of what we get in supplements is abcorbic acid-not REAL vitamin c--so it's not absorbed anyway....acerola cherry powder is what I take for vit c
Quote: Originally Posted by Tattooed Hand I don't have any kids, but I teach at university and I'm 27 weeks pregnant. There is no way I am vaxing because of the mercury in the vax. But I am just going to wash my hands alot and continue to eat super healthy and exercise. I'm taking my New Chapter prenatals, fish oil twice a day and now floradix iron supplement (because I'm low). I'm also going to make sure that my husband washes his hands everytime he...
I also loved the wipes warmer for the newborn stage when you're CONSTANTLY changing dipaers. After that I could stop by the sink and run a few under the hot water before changing.
the crib-definitely a HUGE waste of money--it's just been a catch-all for 6 years now!! If I didn't cloth diaper I would also say a changing table-it takes up A LOT of room and half the time I'd change my babies on the floor, couch or bed anyway. It IS good storage for cd's though...
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