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sorry-the circ comments were on a show I caught awhile back.
It's on at 2 pm here if anyone's wondering
interesting all right! I can tell from the preview it will get me all riled up They've made some ignorant comments about circumcision in the past...
awww Jenny it was so nice to read this--I cried at a few different spots I also realized we haven't really talked about your birth We'll have to get together sometime soon! Good job!!!!!!!!!!
super job mama!!! congratulations!
Hey there-we Do have an AP group in Wilmington--if you give me your e-mail address I will send you an invite We also have a homebirth Meet-Up that meets once amonth...LMK if you're interested in that as well!
here is our site: http://www.capefearareadoulas.org/ when will you actually be moving? Is your dh is the Army or Coast Guard?
Hi Sam--I just joined your group thanks to ELizabeth I am soooo excited for you to move here-we've started up AP groups in the past and somehow, no matter how hard we try, we ended up having all events in Wilmington. Just ends up being too much of a hassle....where are you moving to? I will pas the link on to all my friends here!! WELCOME!!:
so the appt's this morning-printed oot all the info. posted here. I AM ARMED AND EDUCATED!! NO one will be messing with MY boy's foreskin!! Now I m just nervous about the u/s of his kidney's..... Thanks everyone for all your help--I'll let you know what happens.
1littlebit- there have been 3 practices tht have refused us care completely. Maybe I need to look a bit harder. It's hard when we like him otherwise and he knows ds' heart history....hmmm Will certainly do what you all have suggested-in fact-i'm excited!!
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