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Vaccines are so perfect, so it must be human error that made them fail!  Well here's the question of the day: Don't humans also manufacture vaccines? lol. They could be damaged goods before they hit the shelves. Stop blaming everything except the vaccines! Vaccines are not the elixir of the gods! So now the mumps are circulating.....have we heard any news about the whistleblowers and Merck? The pessimist in me predicts that these vaccine failures will result in new,...
Do they try to heal the gut once the antibiotics have wiped out everything? 
For the first year of our relationship, I did not fart in front of DH. That all changed the night I ate 3 bowls of chili........
40. Dr. Gerhard Buchwald
I tend to believe people who used to work for these companies, instead of people who currently work for them. The folks who are currently employed wish to stay that way, and will not speak out. The former employees are free to tell the truth, and often do.   I wonder if this vaccine will prove to be a failure, and if people will even care? People who like vaccines tend to make excuses for them, even if they are harmful or ineffective (flu vax). With Gardasil, the...
This article will be used as a reason to vaccinate for herd immunity. If enough people vaccinate for chicken pox, then it will not spread to the immuno-suppressed. (or so they will claim)
Using Benadryl for springtime allergies, then driving while drowsy.    Talking, texting, eating, daydreaming, etc. while driving.   Using electricity, natural gas, plastic, batteries, or anything else that is harmful to the environment. This list could be a mile long, and would include everything we do/use/make/eat in modern life. Contributing to the destruction of the environment harms us all in a way. (Extreme, but true!)    If you take medication, then use the...
Vaccines are only capable of good reactions, but never bad ones!! It's logical, right?
She is precious! Congrats on the new addition to the family!
That, right there, just made my day!
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