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 I plan to post later today once I've had some sleep :)
Rednightingale, your story brings tears to my eyes! From one mother to another, I am so sorry this happened! I do believe vaccines could have aggravated your son's immune system.  After all, vaccines stimulate an immune response, and he was already dealing with cancer. This is the same reason why doctors shouldn't vaccinate a child who is ill or even has a minor cold, yet it happens all the time. It takes many complaining parents to raise awareness!   I wonder, were...
  I agree with this. It is also my understanding that cancer occurs throughout the body even in healthy individuals. We all carry cancerous cells and our bodies are always killing them off, unless the body is overloaded with toxins, is unhealthy, or exposed to high levels of carcinogens or certain viruses. When the body is overwhelmed, it is unable to handle the cancer and that is when cancer takes over. 
Were there cases of pediatric and adolescent cancer deaths back then? 
My point is that we are urged to trust in the mainstream medicine of today, when odds are it will change in the future. Right now, imagine I place full trust in the MMR vaccine. What happens when the vaccine "improves"? Do I forget about the trust I placed in the old MMR? Given the choice between the once perfect DPT or the current Tdap, which do you choose? Is science a case of  "newer is always right"? I'm only in my 30's and I've seen examples of this in my lifetime....
This is horribly wrong also. The biologist said this?    Eta: Wild animals can still have cancer, but it is usually caused by environmental toxins. 
Who was this wacky editor? Marcia Angell--" the only woman to have served as editor-in-chief of the journal since it was founded in 1812. Dr Marcia Angell is a member of Harvard Medical School's Department of Social Medicine.""Medical doctor Marcia Angell calls the pharmaceutical industry a 'vast marketing machine' that thrives on monopoly rights and public-sponsored research but produces few innovative drugs."  Do you have ANYTHING to say about the examples of corruption...
I think I understand what's going on here........Rexeldexel must have heard that many non-vaccinating parents in the USA are claiming religious waivers. Naturally, this means that they are all religious and ignorant of science, right? Newsflash: A person can believe in God, and still understand science. Do you know there is a concept called "theistic evolution"?  I'm not speaking for anybody else, and I'm not judging anybody's faith. I just want you to know that you are...
You missed some of Kyle's extremely upsetting posts last night. He was incredibly rude and insensitive to a mother who lost a child. I have quotes if you want to read them. PM me if so. For the record, I would have been just as furious if a non-vax member had posted what he did. It was awful! I would hope, if you knew what he said, that you would understand and agree.
Vaccine-induced anxiety?
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