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Good for you and your husband!!!! This is probably the issue that infuriates me the most about standard medical care. Doctors, even specialists, do not know about the important relationship between nutrition and illness, or nutrition for health. I have several family members who were failed by the medical system and the standard care. I know these specialists did not even mention food/nutrition, because I asked my family members specifically about it! I won't go into...
Hmmm, Chicharronita, I believe you've got it! Note how the parents, or child, do not receive any compensation for the foreskin, and actually have to pay for the procedure (or through insurance, which is still a form of payment).   Follow the money indeed. Listen to this medical advice, which is most likely more of a ploy for $$ than a true health concern. Gee, what does this remind you of? The entire drug-based health system?
I posted a positive response on Trump's FB page.    
My DS is 11, uncircumcised, and perfectly healthy. I didn't mess around with his foreskin either. I know doctors recommend pulling the skin back to clean the area, but maybe that is why uncircumcised boys have problems, because of soap and antibacterials in that area? Supposedly, there is a risk for girls and women if they sit in a soapy tub too long, so would this also be true for soap trapped under the foreskin? Or, maybe too much soap kills off beneficial bacteria,...
 Get real. This is real life we're talking about, lady. The honor system? What a joke. Sadly, I believe the regulators are corrupt as well, but we are fighting this. To change over to voluntary compliance would be utterly ridiculous. "industry can help regulators"(out of the goodness of their hearts, right?)---hahahaha, good joke, but April Fool's day was yesterday.
Yep. There is already denial when children or adults are harmed by vaccines. Now, there will be no way of knowing or proving the damage was caused by the vaccines. Like I said before, it is quite brilliant. Totally wrong, yet brilliant move by the Thimerosal-pushers.
What is the problem with polio? It causes paralysis, right?   What is the problem with 60,00+ cases of Non-Polio Acute Flaccid Paralysis in India? Nothing!   It will be interesting to see the skyrocketing rate of non-polio AFP once Pakistan accepts this Trojan Horse. I predict this certain rise will be due to better diagnosis, just like the autism rate in the US. 
Where is the science for the entire schedule for US children? The CDC should not use observation to prove the schedule is safe, because it will not accept parental observation of adverse events after vaccination.   The CDC cannot have it both ways. It cannot say the entire schedule is safe because "we've been vaccinating for years and kids are just fine" (aka, observation of the children), while at the same time, when parents report adverse events after...
Kathy, if they were fired, they would just land a higher-paying job with a pharmaceutical company. No worries!
So now it's ok to use animals in a vaccine study, as long as the results show the benefits of vaccines? I've been asking for years for an animal study that  compares completely unvaccinated animals to fully-vaccinated animals. Compare the health and behaviors between the groups.   It's nice that this tiny animal study depicts vaccines in a positive way. However, I am more concerned about the potential neurological and immune system damage from the adjuvants and other...
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