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http://vactruth.com/2012/11/30/2011-billions-vaccine-manufacturers/   Why would any pharma company want to research vaccines? They all want to close the book on the issue, which is why there is such a massive pro vaccine propaganda movement. While the vaccine market might only amount to 10% of sales, this does not mean that vaccines are unimportant. On the contrary, vaccine sales are important to all major pharma companies. If vaccines are found to be harmful, then ALL...
Wow, Dorit has completely taken over the comments on Kristin's Facebook page. How on earth does she find the time?
Logging on FB now to send her some "likes".......   It would be great if it became trendy to question vaccines. Once enough "cool" stars begin to speak out, then the groupies will follow. I truly hope the slanderous media propaganda backfires. 
Both of you are incorrect. Pharmaceutical companies make vaccines at a loss, because they are trying to help humanity. They are the most upstanding, moral companies in the entire world, and want to stop the spread of disease at the risk of losing profits. They would be so happy if everyone in the world got better and did not need drugs, because then they could finally go out of business.   Please do not ever disrespect the great, noble pharmaceutical companies!
I agree with his statement. No debate from me!   Fast forward 10 years into the future. "Facts" about our current vaccines will probably be different by then.  I guess we are just supposed to trust in the most up-to-date medical information available at any given time. When the authorities tell us we must believe in a new truth, then we shall. When that truth changes, we shall shift our beliefs to the  new truth.    Truth in medicine is rarely set in stone, yet if you...
One more question--what is the magic number of people there should be in a study that you (or SkepticalRaptor) would find acceptable? 500 people? 2789? 10,376?
Also, are you suggesting we believe your pediatrician, Teacozy, but not Sassyfirechick's?  If a pediatrician cannot identify and report a vaccine reaction, then who can? Do you see how your line of thinking is exactly what we complain about on the forum? Who, in your opinion, is qualified to recognize and report reactions?
Why do they call themselves skeptics, when they all seem to fully, without question, support the current mainstream positions? Where is the skepticism? It seems to be reserved only for the alternative positions.
Joel Lord, where have you been all my life? I will read more from him, for sure!   Walking away is important, but it is also important to inform others. I try to share any natural remedies that have worked for me. (Most recently, I encouraged a relative to try a coffee enema, and now she is talking about purchasing a kit to do more!!) Walking away from the allopathic religion, and actually using alternatives that work, is what we need to do!   I'll be back later to...
No, it couldn't be........or could it? Why could this not be true? Is it really so impossible? The suppression of cures and information is harmful, and sadly, intentional.
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