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Good to see the article mentioned Fluoride as a harmful substance. Now, why is it in the water supply? I would also like to see artificial food dyes added to the list, like Red 40. While Europe has banned these dyes,http://csglobe.com/europe-bans-food-dyes-due-to-adhd-cancer-links/I guess the dyes are only harmful to Europeans, not Americans. Why, most of our youth are hyperactive, but chemicals in our food have nothing to do with that! Those Europeans are wrong, Americans...
Cool! What anime is that?
$o True! Who thinks this doesn't happen in the USA as well? (or any other country, but especially the USA!)   The people at the top are corrupt, simple as that. Heck, many people at the lowest levels of government are corrupt too!
What happens with people who don't take their children in for regular well baby visits? Will they be required to visit the doctor for a vaccine lecture?
Mirzam, this is from your article,What the heck??Also, why are the antivirals never suspected as a causal factor in these deaths? Teacozy, your article is sad too. I do notice that the woman lost her baby after she was admitted to the hospital. I assume they are blaming the flu, or complications from the flu, for the baby's death. However, if a woman receives a vaccine and miscarries shortly after, for some reason it's always a coincidence? It is always terribly sad when a...
Minerva, that's a great example of their propaganda--in this case, the spreading of half-truths in order to promote vaccines. It's no wonder so many people are on the war path with vaccine skeptics, because all of these publications are promoting that message. Drumming up the emotions of the masses, who will not ever look any further into the issue.
I wonder how these same people feel when their parents develop Alzheimer's?
lol Taximom, so true     And why can't I send an organic herbal throat lozenge to school with my 11 year old son, without first sending in a consent form? Yet it's legal to allow 12 year olds to make the serious choice to vaccinate.
Why do you think they are pushing the vaccine issue nationwide? Is it because there is an actual threat to the program, or are they anticipating a potential threat, and are trying to prevent it before it starts? Are there more vaccine refusers than we thought, or are they trying to get laws in place before more people refuse vaccines? I've always thought we were in the minority (.3%!) but could there be more? Is the program expecting the numbers to grow, and why?
 The placebo effect is a strange, and very real, phenomenon. If someone was cured by a placebo, they might just be telling the truth. Science is still trying to figure out why this happens. A person could be telling the truth about sugar pill cures AND vaccine reactions. You never know! I'm not implying that homeopathic remedies are placebos. I'm just trying to point out that a person might not be lying if s/he reports a cure from a placebo.
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