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For my 4-year-old, we limit EC activities to one  dance class one hour a week, which she started when she was (almost) 3. And that is definitely all she can handle. She also started full day Montessori school this year and initially had a difficult time getting herself together to attend that one class after a full day at school. She would plead with me to let her just stay home, and if I had to take her sister to dance class, she would ask to stay in the car while I...
Can you PLEASE get out of this room?!!!! I told you I needed MY down time. Yes you can use the computer AFTER I have my down time so stop asking me if the 5 minutes are up yet!!! They're not up yet because I can't have any down time while you're in here all over my space!!!!
  This is pretty much what I do for my also incredibly picky 4 year old DD. In this manner I have been able to slowly add new foods to her list of "edibles". I also use a plate with dividers for her. It helps her see that everything is separate. She recently started eating baby spinach leaves (it's what we use for lettuce) if she can dip them in salad dressing that is in a separate compartment of the plate.   When she was a toddler, I often made her separate meals. Now I...
I start allowance with my children when they have learned how to count money. For DD1 it was around age 6. I started out with $1.00 a week, but  also added a chore that she had to do throughout the week in addition to her regular responsibilities. The first year, it was setting the table for each meal. Each birthday, I add a dollar as well as another responsibility.   I have to say that before allowance, it was often difficult to get DD1 to help with chores around...
We're Montessori too. Good job with the leaf lacing work. Love that!!
I'm hardly the expert on "normal", but I do have two girls (4 and 8) who seem to spend more time arguing and screaming at each other than I really have the patience for! They often lash out at each other with hurtful words, but aggressive physical contact between them is rare. When it does happen, the consequences are pretty serious.   Growing up I was the peaceful child who simply walked away from conflict. When my siblings were fighting over what TV show to watch,...
I hope this challenge is still going on. I NEED  to do this!!   I have started today. Decluttered kitchen island   Before:       After:     I will list my goals later. Have to go pick up kids.
Key to my van Key to DH's car 3 house keys (3 different doors with 3 different keys, who thought of that?) PO box key Key to car racks to a car I no longer drive (DH drives it now) OMG I don't know what these other 2 keys are for!! 2 pictures of DD1 3 store discount/loyalty cards I know I can just put in my phone 3 YMCA member swipe cards (1 for me, 1 for each DD)
The island is completely clear and clean!!! Now it is lunch time :)
Amost finished with island. Just a few more straggelers. Need just one more session.   Went through old mail, threw out most of it More filing Adressed and sent outgoing mail
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