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I understand, we have the same problem and, to boot, DD1 gets very upset if anyone "talks over" her. I'll share what they taught her in Montessori school. It's called "polite interrupting" Any time they want to speak to anyone else who is already talking (usually the teacher), they place their hand on the person's shoulder and wait to be acknowledged. We have, or course, adopted this at home. She doesn't always use "polite interrupting" at home, but when she does...
Should I post this somewhere else?
I am getting ready to buy twin matresses for 6 year old and 2 year old DD's. Does anyone have any opinions or experience about good matresses for children? I want them to be comfortable and durable. What kind of organic/natural matresses are there out there that are good for children (and affordable)? Is there a good website that reviews matresses for children?
[QUOTE=allgirls;15099787]What do you find confusing? It's a very short thread, relatively speaking. Is there something in particular you want to talk about because we can post it there. QUOTE] Nothing. I just felt like I jumped in in the middle of some else's conversation. I'll get the hang of it again. I am realatively new to forum writing so I was just begining to get comfortable with the whole system to begin with. Like I said, glad you all are still...
I would go back to my old pityful I-don't-fit-in-with-anyone-I-know self. When I had DS, I was younger than most moms so I didn't have too may mommy friends to relate with. Now with the DDs, I am older than a lot of their friends' parents (not all of them). I also find that where I live, people tend to get weirded out if I start talking too crunchy (i.e. there's not a soul that I could possibly discuss home births with!). Basically, this is the only place that I know...
I live for the figure skating! Evan is my new love. I am heartbroken that DH rushed to turn on basketball when I got home from work before I got a chance to even breathe the word Olympics. This is why I am here at MDC tonight, seekng companionship for my sad, sad little heart (it was just the way he did it).
My intuition tells me yes. Besides, if they turned out divine, that's all that matters.
OMG I'm having tachycardia! I want our home back. This thread is really confusing. Is the social club really better? I have no idea what that is. I'm glad you mamas are still here though.
A kind soul here at MDC directed me to duotrope.com. It's a great site.
I first visited our private Montessori school and fell in love with it, but the price was prohibitive for us and even if we made gigantic sacrifices, we couldn't possibly drive DD there and pick her up and be able to work at our jobs. So someone pointed me in the direction of the magnet Montessori school that is exactly 7 miles and 10 minutes from our home, and exactly on the way to DHs work (I didn't even know it was there). DD is now in her 2nd year there and...
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