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Just because they have a 'foreign sounding' last name does not mean they know anything at all about caring for an intact penis, or that they're first generation American.
Dr. William Fisher Circle City Pediatrics He has 2 intact boys, he's on the east side, though.
Since retraction can actually cause adhesions (you can't get adhesions til you break the synechiae, anyway), I'd say your doctor is giving poor advice.  I know that having other people tell you that your doctor is an idiot can cause you to become defensive and not want to listen to them, but in this case, your doctor really is incorrect.  Premature retracting can cause infections, pain, swelling, adhesions, skin bridges...the list goes on and on.   There's plenty of...
So you chose to leave him intact for every reason except the fact that he's the owner of the penis and it should be his choice, huh?   
  Unfortunately on the issue of adhesions there's not a lot known about the looser circumcisions.   Once the synchotomy is performed,  the bond from the prepuce to the glans is broken.  Someone used a good analogy that I saw, unfortunately I have to most unholy terrible memory in existence, so I don't remember what it was except I think it involved glass and water? lol.  In any case, from what I understand, you may need to treat a loose circumcision differently than you...
I find it sad on a board that espouses one of the reasons against RIC is that it takes away the choice from the person who owns the penis, then practically spits the word choice out when talking about an adult making a choice about his own damn body.  Is this board against RIC or against choice?
I think the point is to shut up all the anti-circumcision people.  The doctors doing circumcisions presumably see it as a compromise, it eliminates some of the problems like hairy shaft, bent shaft, buried penis, and painful erections, unfortunately it comes at the cost of painful adhesions, that most doctors just think need to be ripped apart, along with an anecdotal increase in the risk of 'needing' to be recircumcised (because the doctor left too much).  How parents...
Oh yeah, I'd like to point out, intact men are more likely to wear condoms than their circumcised counter parts.  It's less loss of sensation to them.  Which means they're actually better protected.
  Ahh you guys said it better than I did.  And it somehow sounds less confrontational, even though I don't try to sound that way, lol.
Other people said it better. FWIW to PP, female circumcision is perfectly legal, once a woman is 18.
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