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Do you know that for $2.50 you can change your username? At least, you could the last time I knew. Yep, still there: http://www.mothering.com/mdc/senior_...mechanges.html
I believe that the one that is in the lead is bolded - not the one you voted for. Also, Number 2 has taken a small lead....
Quote: Originally Posted by flapjack Two issues: 1) The fact that this woman believed that they were in a relationship. ..... I've had one-night stands and casual relationships where I didn't understand the score or worse, was lied to, and it hurt like hell and I hated them afterwards. Having a child from them would have crippled me emotionally. Quote: Originally Posted by Storm Bride Where did the OP say that? If true, I...
I am SO SO sorry, mama! I agree with pp - don't tell the kids how the cat died. Go get a sensor for the garage door. Also, try to be honest with yourself and DH about the blame you must feel towards him. No, it wasn't intentional, and I'm sure intellectually you know this and don't blame him. Emotion is another issue and just be honest with yourself so that you can get past it and deal with your grief. Thoughts and prayers with you and your family (and...
Quote: Originally Posted by tangozulu That is my 1st dd's bday and the first day of summer - a wonderful day to be born Good luck! Also my birthday. Bated breath here too
I just wanted to chime in to agree with previous posters and offer support. I'll be keeping your family in my thoughts and prayers.
Quote: Originally Posted by jenoline That's awesome!!! A friend and I are going to order one together. Could you read it well enough on the car? The coloring seems a little odd to me online. But maybe it looks better in person? Yeah, I was several car-lengths behind her when I saw it.
I actually pulled up to a complete stranger on the road to find out where she got this. I'm getting one after the first of the month.
The big question here is how you found out about this house. If she told you about/showed you the house, the right thing to do is not cut her out of the deal - regardless of whether you had a buyer's contract. Since you don't have a buyer's contract - if you found the house without her, she has ZERO guarantee of a contract and she has ZERO right to expect it. I've been in real estate for several years - as a Realtor and since then as a Realtor assistant.
Awesome! So glad everything worked out. Quote: Originally Posted by sehbub WOOHOO! I'm so glad y'all were able to come to an agreement that works for everyone!! Quote: Originally Posted by Zilla Yippee! I am so glad to hear that it all worked out. Thanks for keeping us updated! All the above bears repeating. (Plus I wanted to test out the new multi-quote feature)
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