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Does you DH has joint legal custody? If so, she cannot make this decision on her own. It requires a visit to the court if BioMom and BioDad cannot reach an agreement. This article that she brought up that says the court should side with the parent that will treat ADHD aggresively - who wrote it? An Supreme Court judge or a doctor or pharmaceutical company pushing ADHD drugs? Likely the latter. If so, she may just be bringing it up to try to scare your DH into just...
I'm sorry. I don't have any advice. But I saw that you already had 5 views and no responses and I no how disheartening that can be, so I didn't want to add one more. and Good Luck!
No goofier than I am. I was sitting here dancing in my seat when I saw that little "~MDC~"!
Ok, first of all, I'm a dork! I just got one from an MDC mama! I was so excited, I forgot to copy it before I sent it, but it said something like: Quote: My kids are driving me crazy. ~MDC~ Who was it?
Quote: Originally Posted by Lynnseedoil OK, this thread reminded me of: AN OPEN LETTER TO THE MAN WEARING A T-SHIRT THAT SAYS "IT ISN'T GOING TO SUCK ITSELF." http://mcsweeneys.net/links/openlett...uckitself.html I love mcsweeneys! OT: THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I had never encountered McSweeney's until this very post. I think I'm in love! (Although, DH may not appreciate that nothing is probably going to get done today.):
Quote: Originally Posted by MamaTaraX I don't have an answer, just wanted to say that your Senior Title is incredibly cool. HOpe you get an answer Namaste, Tara Okay. I don't get it. Help me out here.
Quote: Originally Posted by the_lissa That pisses me off too. I even had a server try to correct me! Me too! I told him flat out - "Really? I just got back from Italy and they pronounce BrusKetta!"
Quote: Originally Posted by lab If God lived in Africa then God would still be considered an Alien in the US. God could be an illegal alien if he didn't go through the proper channels to come to the US. laughup laughup laughup
I don't have any advice, but didn't want to read without posting. Good luck, and welcome to MDC!
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