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My daddy is not my biological father. My bio father left when I was three weeks old and I have seen him exactly 4 times my entire life - all instigated by my mother. Mom and Dad got married just before I turned 4 and he adopted me just before I turned 6. I have never not known that he was not my biological father. I have never not known that I was adopted. I have zero idea how mom told me, because I don't remember ever not knowing. I do think that if you wait until she...
I don't have much to add to what the pp's said. But I totally agree. SDs can probably be expected to mouth off to Stepmoms occassionally, but your DH was WAAAAAAY out of line. The only other thing I would add is that if it were me, when I suggested counselling as a condition of working things out, the conversation would be had from my hotel room. But honestly, I'm not even sure I'd give him that option after the things he said and his actions.
As far as having different names for the same grandma, I don't think that will be an issue. I have three sets of cousins and each set has always had our own name for my maternal grandfather. My brother and sister (and neice and nephew) and I call him Papa. One set of my cousins (and their kids) calls him PawPaw; the other set of cousins call him Poppy. We all now who everyone is talking about, but all use our own names.
I would be interested in a foster parent sub-forum/tribe. If you start one, numom, please PM me the link. -Or post it here I guess- And, FTR, my understanding is that as long as we avoid identifying information, we should be okay with confidentiality.
How much do you know about your fellow MDCers? Can you name, for instance, (without doing a search) someone whose DH is a police officer? >>>Johanna mods that have had babies in the last year or who are pregnant? >>>Adina
Okay. I apologize then. I agree that the illusion of individuality needs to go away. An army/navy of independent thinkers would be disastrous all the way around. I guess I just took exception to the word 'automon'. But I wholeheartedly agree that RDC's are very skilled in breaking recruits down and building them back up the way the Navy needs them to be.
Quote: Originally Posted by mamawanabe He'll walk out of book camp exactly the kind of automon the Navy wants/needs. Nice.
My DH and I are both former Navy. Sounds like that's exactly what the he needs. You may think he'll be telling off superiors, and he may even think that at the moment. But you'd be incredibly surprised how fast they're able to make an adult out of you.
Adina is a very loving, sweet, wonderful woman who battled infertility and acheived a healthy pregnancy. She's due in May, I think. The smiley was created to honor Adina and celebrate her wonderful news.
Just to update everyone: the church did throw me a shower and it was lovely. Most of the people who wanted to give us a gift went in together and made sure we got both of our cribs. Since that was really the only we needed in order to complete the homestudy, we were incredibly thrilled. Also, good friends of ours bought one of the convertible carseats we'll need. More than anything, I was touched that my church family wanted to honor the way I'm becoming a mother, even...
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