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Update: Well, I called the local Banfield. They had me induce vomitting and bring him in. He vomitted but no onion. So, I guess we're going to sedate him and pump his stomach. Poor baby.
I'm really hoping someone knowledgeable can help me out very quickly! My 20-lb Boston Terrier just at a chunk of raw onion! I would say the chunk was about the size of a ping pong ball. I was cutting the core out and dropped it and he got it and swallowed it in a split second. My vet is closed for the day and I really cannot afford the emergency vet if it's not absolutely necessary. Please tell me what I can do to make sure my little man is okay. Thanks in advance!
Even though the child you have is with the same DH, have him checked. It's fairly cheap, and not a big deal. My DH has three children from his first marriage, but his morphology is so bad now we will likely never be able to conceive naturally.
Quote: Originally Posted by Yulia_R Well, I do not think that my advice was heartless. It’s always much easier to whine then actually trying to make things happen. Guess what, we also could NOT afford IVF and still paying it off and like most, our insurance covered nothing. But we wanted it bad enough to make it happen! See, there is always a better choice vs. whining and feeling pity for yourself! Quote: Originally Posted...
OTMomma, I am sorry that this is hurting you so much right now. You have every right to hate everything right now, and every right to use this safe place to vent. I encourage you to get very involved with the 30+ thread. The ladies there are amazing. If you ever need to talk, you are more than welcome to IM or PM me. I have moved on from the obsessive trying, but I have not forgotten what it's like. In fact, I've seen enough people forget what it's like and make...
Actually, the name of the song Sister Christian. by Night Ranger. Awesome song
Quote: Originally Posted by OTMomma To me, it was about supporting how she became a mom, not even about the stuff. Thank you. That was kind of my friend's idea, I think. Quote: Originally Posted by OTMomma I think if I were going to throw this shower, I'd let people know that you will be fostering and will need everything for a child birth to 3. I'd ask for gender neutral stuff, and assign people a suggested age to shop...
Wow, Sierra! That is so awesome! I assume that you expect to get your foster son's sibling when he/she is born. Is that correct? Congratulations on getting to that stage so quickly! The time-frame is amazing! Please keep me posted on how things are going. I really would like to hear how your story progresses.
Hi! I've lurked in this forum, but haven't posted more than once or twice. Here is my background in a nutshell: I have three stepkids from my husband's first marriage; they live with their mother and we get them every other weekend, holidays, and summers. We have been battling infertility over the last 2 years. We have decided that we will build our family through fostering hopefully leading to an eventual adoption. We are going to foster infants and toddlers from birth...
TBH = to be honest
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